Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well, yesterday we decided to eat out and then do a movie, since we haven't been to the theater in a long time. We took McKenna, and got into the theater and it was so loud that after about 45 minutes, she'd had enough and wanted out. So we sat out near the restrooms until Noel came out of the movie. I thought about taking her into one of the other shows, but she didn't want to go into any theater, period. Ah well, we'll have to try out some other movie theaters and see if they are quieter. Other than that, not much going on. I've been getting my garden back into shape after those high winds came through. I've finally got some pole beans coming up that I started inside and I'll plant them in a couple of days. Can't wait to see them scrambling up the poles! I bought three more bell pepper plants to replace some that the winds ruined. The others seem to have come through unscathed.

We were out a couple of days ago and McKenna started pointing out all the letters that she knew, which are quite a lot now that she's been watching the Letter Factory. I was very impressed. She's also pointing out numbers that she recognizes!

Well, time to get out in the garden............ nice day today.

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