Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what's new? Well, horseback riding for the kids at Blazing Hope Horse Ranch and they had loads of fun - we'll probably go every week. He takes donations so this is a fantastic and affordable way for the girls to get involved with horses. And they LOVE IT!! Beg me to take them all the time!

McKenna has asked to take her training wheels off and I spent all day pushing her up and down the street. She ALMOST has it. I'm betting Noel will come home soon, push her a little and off she'll go. (And he'll take all the credit, the stinker! LOL)

My chickens are about 2 to 4 weeks away from their first egg. I'm looking in the nest boxes everyday though - the black stars that I have are known for starting as early as 15 weeks, although that's really rare! Mine are 17 weeks today.

Noel received a raise which is fantastic. It's not much but every little bit helps out. I'm proud of him. They pushed to get him some extra money and only a few in his department got a raise, so it shows he's a valuable asset to them. (And to me!)

Enough for now - enjoy the pics!