Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well, it was a beautiful day today! We got up, ate at Elmers... treating ourselves to part of our $50/month allowance for eating out. We then hit Home Depot and Lowes and picked up some stuff for the Geo as well as the stakes I need to do my 'florida weave' for my tomatoes. We also hit a great deal on bamboo poles for making teepees for veggies like pole beans. So I put up two teepees, each with 4 legs, and will plant my beans as soon as the ground warms up just a titch more. My mesculen is coming up now, I'm very happy to see. I was afraid that it wouldn't due to all the nearly-fresh horse manure we tilled in, but I see the leaves emerging. So far for my garden I have lettuce planned as well as beans, broccoli, peppers, squash, tomatoes, strawberries (already going) onions, and maybe potatoes if any ground frees up that's in the sunshine. Oh, also have the peas popping up in the front yard. Some of my onions are popping up as well, but will have to figure out where I'll put them. I might just have to thin them and put them in containers.

McKenna was very good for me today, as was my husband! We hit the farmers market after the home improvement stores and found just onions and asparagus. I would have purchased asparagus, but he was out. And didn't want to write a check for a buck for the onions. I'll go next week and see if anything else shows up. I'm determined to try to eat what's in season this year and try to avoid out of season things, unless I really have some cravings for strawberries in November! I'm also planning to ask our herdshare lady Laura if she'll (not this year) let me help her process her meat chickens when the time comes. I think it would be good to know the whole process from start to finish, especially if I plan on ever having chickens for eggs and meat. Of course, that would only happen if we move out of this subdivision, which I'd like to think would happen eventually. I think it would be good for McKenna to really know the hows and whys of how meat gets on your plate. Educational and all that jazz! That's it for now... I'll have to take pictures of the teepees I put together in the garden, and then when I have pole beans growing on them! Yay, I'm so excited!

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