Sunday, August 08, 2010

Eli is turning into quite the little chunk! Not sure what he weighs right now, but I'd bet it's in the 8 to pound range. I have to use a pillow to put under his hind end when I'm nursing him now. He's got a little double chin and I am amazed that something I produce could cause him to grow so well! He's doing better sleeping at night. He seems to now go to sleep between 8 and 9 pm and usually will wake me up every two hours. Sometimes we're awake for a good chunk of time in the middle of the night, but that's starting to become less and less.

The house is a perpetual mess. I blame Facebook for that one. There's three games that I'm currently addicted to and honestly they take up too much time. I'm going to have to drop one of them, I think. And get back with Flylady. When I was doing that, the house looked decent!

Mom and Dad are on there way to NY. They were in Wyoming last night and Dad wants to take a month to get across the country. Mom thinks that won't happen. One the the arteries in Dad's heart is occluded to about 20 percent, maybe less by now. His doctor didn't want him to go on this trip, but evidently Dad wants to see family before he is unable (or the surgery makes him unable) to visit family. I'm worried that he'll kick the bucket while on this trip. Mom is too, and Sherri is REALLY worried and was trying to convince him to come back this summer for the surgery on his heart. Dad says the surgery probably won't happen until after Christmas since he says they'll be on the road that long!

Anyway, back to surfing the net. And laundry - diapers are currently in the dryer and can I say I love the Kissaluvs and pocket diapers I'm using right now for Eli? They are amazing and so easy to deal with. Madelaine might be potty trained before our trip this September. She is VERY interested in peeing in the potty chair and is quite successful at it. Only one poop so far, though.

All right, I'm sure we don't all want to hear about my childrens bowel habits. I'm off for now. Love to all!