Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh, I forgot to mention, I've decided to take on the teaching of piano to Samuel. I'm giving them the first 2 lessons free, just so I can get a feel of things and how I do. Hopefully, all will go well. I'm charging $10. per half hour, so the extra money will come in handy!
We had a fun time on the 4th... I hope everyone else did, too! We had a few firecrackers that were about 4 years old, and some of the sparklers went in fits and starts, but we shared some of them with the kids, Sam and Chloe across the street. Their dad just had some of those loud noise makers that POP, with no pretties. Noel had some strobe ones that bugged me and some other whirly-do's that spin on the ground. Then we talked for awhile, while standing in the middle of the street. McKenna slept through it all.
McKenna has come up with a couple new things lately.
I was reading her bedtime board book story to her, and as I read I get the next page started in preparation to turn it. Well, McKenna reached out with her left hand and grabbed the page and turned it for me! And she did it for every single page, thereafter! She also does it for me with the paper pages of her other books, and when she turns she immediately lets go and doesn't hang on and crumple the paper. I'm so proud of her!
The other thing is that I had her in her toddler bath last night and I let her play a little longer than normal. She had a blue plastic boat in hand and was banging it on the side of the bath and into the water. She was having a ball! After 8-10 minutes I pulled the plug and grabbed her and pulled her out. I hadn't even straightened up with her when she let out a screech and started crying. And it wasn't an "I'm cold, cover me up" it was an angry, "put me back down!" Of course, I didn't and she calmed down within seconds once she was wrapped up and realized she wasn't going back in, but I found it funny because it's the first time she's really made a fuss when I've deprived her of something, wether toy or bath or whatever.
I also watched her today on her belly. She managed to push back almost onto her knees while she was up on her hands, but she didn't quite get her thighs perpendicular to the ground. Almost, though. Well, that's about it. I'm going to pop up some more pics of her walking with us, and then I've got packing to do for our trip to CT. I'm amazed at all the stuff I'm needing to bring for her! Later