Sunday, March 19, 2006

McKenna's been walking everywhere all by herself! For the last 3 days or so! We are SO proud of her!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oops, forgot to mention that McKenna has another tooth on her lower left side... I found it today and it looks as though she skipped a tooth, because it's toward the middle back. Nothing on the other side... so now I guess she has 7 teeth! And chewing stuff like a little fiend!
Well, the home and garden show went well... we answered a few questions, but it wasn't as difficult or intimidating as I thought it would be. Soon the class will be coming to a close, but I'm still having fun with it.
Well, beginning of this month McKenna and I (sans Noel) went to Phoenix to visit family and I encouraged McKenna to show off her walking skills but she refused. I got her back to Idaho and what does she do but starts walking almost everywhere! Argh. Anyway, while I was in Phoenix I got to try out a Gammill long-arm quilting machine, which was very nice and also got to see Ethan and Tish's new house, which is just drop dead gorgeous! A bit expensive, IMO, but it has mucho space. I dropped in a little tidbit about how that house would probably only cost about 150,000 up here in Nampa (it's selling for a little above $200,000. in El Mirage) but sounds like they're set on staying in Arizona. Bummer. Anyway, life goes on. So on to other baby/kid stuff, I'm using the FAM method for pregnancy achievment since we're trying for baby #2, and for those of you who really just HAVE to know what that is, it's the fertility awareness method and you can do a search on it online to get bunches of info. I won't get into details here. In short, it's not RHYTHM and yes, it works. Okay, well other stuff - let's see... it snowed here yesterday. I was quite excited and this year we actually have an above average snowfall in the mountains - it won't make up for 5 years of drought, but it should help. I'm thinking of taking the hubby and McKenna up to Bogus Basin ski resort to do some sledding on their little sledding hill, but I'll have to do some major persuading of my husband, and we'll need a sled. But, besides that, in another week or so I'll start planting my seeds for the veggies I want. They'll be in my terrarium, and then hopefully the garden will be in and ready to receive! Okay, I'd better end this - I hear McKenna waking up from her nap. Later!