Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi All! Haven't updated in awhile, have I?

Let's see... Madelaine is exercising her voice, and now that she is doing 2 naps a day she is sleeping through the night again. I realized that she wasn't getting enough sleep during the day. She's also starting to skooch backwards when she's on her tummy, so I expect getting to her hands and knees might happen in the next month or so. Not really sure.

McKenna is doing great but is starting to get mouthy and obstinate at times with me. I knew this day would come, now I just have to transition us through this phase. Oh, I know. It's not a phase, right? How about mutually respectful argumentation versus, 'me, me, me' and "I want" and "Stop" (this last accompanied by a hand out-thrust in a stop position) Sigh! Oh well, if we're planning to homeschool I'll need her attention, respect and motivation so I better start working on it. Guess a bar of soap in the mouth is out! LOL

We've had tons of snow up here lately. McKenna and Noel built a snowman and a snowfort that started out as an igloo, but only got about 3 levels up before Noel decided it would make a better fort. The neighbor kids used it for awhile before it melted. There's only a couple of hunks left out there. Noel will take McKenna sledding in the next couple of days without Maddy and I. Maybe next year we'll go along, but this year she's too young.

Noel's doing some extra computer jobs on the side to bring in a little money. So far, he hasn't made a ton mainly because people are unwilling to spend a lot of money right now on stuff. He's getting lots of calls due to his ad on craigslist and from people who heard of him word of mouth. He's handing out business cards, so hopefully this will take off for him. Well, enough for now. I've gotta get a little girl out of the tub!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forgot to mention that we have an appointment set up with Parkview to determine McKenna's eligibility to attend. That's in a couple days and I'll try to remember to post about that. I have a feeling we'll be turned down, but I'm not to bothered by that anymore. There's been a marked improvement in her speech and I haven't seen any aggression in a long time with other kids or her sister. Love to all!
Madelaine rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time yesterday. So excited! She's doing great now. Lots of talking, smiling, giggling. Loves lurching around in her exer-saucer. LOL McKenna has been wonderful with her and there's been no incidents of aggression in many weeks. She's been acting very concerned when her sister cries and comes and gets me if I'm not close by.

Winter is coming on. We made snowflakes out of construction paper and hung them on the cabinets and also picked up our Christmas tree and decorated it. Got lights up outside and our tree looks fabulous. Nothing much else for now. Gotta get my coffee!