Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well, yesterday I went in to get McKenna up from a nap and found her on her side, holding her toes... it's the first time she's rolled completely onto her side and stayed there! I know I put up that pic that shows her sitting, but I put her there, and she certainly didn't get herself there... so I'm excited! She's been making more articulations... ummms, and mmmmm's, and lots of moaning sounds... kind of funny! The weather here has been really warm. Yesterday it was 74, and it's been getting up to 77 and 78 in the house, so she's been in her cool clothing. We're going to hold off on using the AC for as long as possible... so far we're not that uncomfortable. At night we open the windows in our bedroom, and McKenna just wears light pajamas with no blankie. She's been sleeping about 9 hours... from 8 or 8:30 to about 5 in the morning, when she wakes me to nurse. After that, she goes back to sleep for another 3 hours or so. I've been giving her two meals a day, besides what she gets from me. Once before her first nap, and then right before she goes to bed. She seems to be doing well with that schedule so far. I tried giving her some diluted apple juice from a sippy cup today. She got her hands around the handle and could put the spout in her mouth. I had to help her get some height on it since I didn't have it very full, but she took a couple pulls on it, would take it out of her mouth, LOOK at it, then pop it back in and try again. I think she only got a few sips, then she started chewing on it. I'm not sure she's ready for it yet... but I'll try again every so often. That's it for now...

Friday, April 08, 2005

McKenna went to the pediatricians two days ago to get her shots... both Noel and I accompanied her. We argued about who would be the bad guy and get to hold her while the nurse gave her the two shots (immunizations) she needed. The nurse said we didn't need to hold her, so we got to "rescue" her after the shots were given. She of course was not happy about getting shots and started some terrible crying. At one point she screwed up her face and drew in a breath, but didn't let it out. She actually started turning blue, and I said "breathe, child breathe!!" and she let it out - and proceeded to scream some more...ugh, that was a little scary! So we talked to the doc again about her head. It's looking a little better, but her ears are still cock-eyed. I mentioned that she's been getting up twice a night for me to feed her, and he said at this age (6 months) she shouldn't need such frequent feedings and we can start some "tough love" and not feed her so often at night. Of course, ever since the appointment she's been sleeping through the night. Which is great! So, maybe it was a phase. Another funny thing - she really likes Diablo! She'll put her hands out towards him when he comes near and if he walks close by while I'm holding her she'll trail her fingers along his side. Sometimes she grabs and gets a fist full of hair, but I'm trying to prevent that kind of thing. I don't want to get Diablo upset.
Well, gotta go... I'll write more later.

Friday, April 01, 2005

McKenna now recognizes her name! She was in her exersaucer yesterday when I called her name and she turned her head and looked at me! It was very exciting.
One thing that happened two days ago that I thought was VERY funny was she was again in her exersaucer and I heard her fart, and then she laughed! She did it again a couple of seconds later. Totally hilarious... she must have thought it was funny too... or else that it felt funny! I wish I'd gotten it on tape. Noel also got playing with her and starting spinning around while holding her (about 5 or 6 times) and when he stopped her poor little eyeballs were still going from side to side... I gasped when I saw it because it was funny, but also shocking... I told him not to do it again unless I'm video recording and then we'll send it in to America's Funniest Home Video's. After that, no more! So anyway, it's been fun... although everything seems to be going so slowly, I know I'll look back after she's grown and wonder how it could have gone by so fast!