Sunday, January 16, 2005

Time for a break! Noel's watching "The Children of Dune" in the living room... three videos 2 hours each. I've been taking care of getting dinner ready for tonight. McKenna is up in her crib napping (I hope) and that's about it. We're meeting a woman tomorrow who might watch McKenna this coming wednesday. Her name is Linda and she sounded nice on the phone, but I'll reserve judgement until we actually meet her. Tomorrow at eleven. Well, since I don't want to be in front of the TV all day long, I'm going to work on finishing my Thomas Kincade puzzle.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I've been having worries about leaving McKenna with someone I don't know while I'm at work... I've been leaving her with my friend Patty, who has so kindly offered to watch her now and then, but I don't want to feel like I'm abusing our friendship, so I've been contemplating another individual or day care to use if I need to. There's a lady Noel knows... actually the wife of his trainer, and she's older and does a little day care on the side. I might check her out. Thing is, as of the 25th or so of February, I'll be a stay-at-home mom and won't have to use day care at all. I'll be vested in the pension plan and can quit and start living on a budget that hubby and I came up with. I've already started getting the house cleaned up and stuff from our move put away.

Anyway, I updated our family webpage today and got some more pics up. McKenna has grown! I weighed her on our scale at home and it looks like she's around 13 pounds now... getting chunky! We went out to breakfast today to Elmers and she was fussing at one point. Noel put a tiny bit of maple syrup on his finger and stuck it in her mouth... she made some sucking motions, then broke out with a huge grin. Guess she liked it! :D

Well, time to relax for awhile... more to come later.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First post since McKenna was born... eventually I'll tell my birth story, but now's not the time. She was born one day beyond my due date, on the 3rd of October at 8:10am in the morning. She was born via C-section due to complications.

I'm going to stay at home full time, but for now I'm working part-time at Idaho Power... by the 22nd of February I'll be vested in the pension plan (5 years of service) and I wanted to get that before I quit. I'm really looking forward to being a full-time homemaker. And McKenna is quite the incentive. For pics of her go to and check her out. Right now she's almost able to get onto her side from her back by arching her back a bit. She's smiling and I coaxed a little laugh out of her on the 26th of December... her first one! Well, I hear her crying, and it's time to feed her, so gotta go. I'll be writing again soon!