Thursday, July 15, 2004

More hiccups as I write... they get a bit stronger every time. She's really moving a lot now, and seems to press up hard at times. It might be a head or maybe her back and butt, not sure. I had to gently move her back down the other day cause she was just killing me! Nothing that's caused shortness of breath yet, though... so that's good.

Noel and I are into our new house and are still unpacking. I took it upon myself to paint the nursery. I've always wanted a yellow room, and since Noel wouldn't let me do the master bedroom in that color, then the nursery is the room that got chosen. It's a pretty pale yellow, too... I'll get some lacy white curtains to go with it hopefully.
Speaking of curtains, we've ordered blinds for some of our windows and they will look really nice! We chose the valencia kind for the family room... they're like a typical vertical or horizontal slat style blind, except they've got a white mesh like material in front and back and the actual slat is fabric, not plastic. We did some cellular blinds for the other windows... should look good. They'll be here in about 2 weeks.

Noel and I have gotten some dates for the childbirth education classes and will be attending those in either August or early September. I'll let everyone know how those go. They should be fun... and educational, of course!
Well, gotta go. That's about it for now!

Monday, July 05, 2004

Hiccups! For the first time, I'm feeling them this morning. They're not as annoying as some people say they are... pretty cool, in fact. You know I made the mistake of looking at our credit card statement earlier this morning and got pretty depressed. We won't go into debt or anything, but I was still worried... and now feeling the hiccups, my mood has turned right around. Yay! I'm happy.
So it's the day after the 4th. I was up watching fireworks at our neighbors place, and didn't get to sleep till 12:30am, then up for work at 4:30am, so I'm tired but it's worth it. It was the first 4th that Noel and I got to celebrate together in 4 years. So pretty cool.
We're in the house and it's very nice. I've been trying to take it easy, but the day of the move was killer on my feet. Once the bed and sofa were gone, there wasn't much to sit on except the kitchen table chairs, and they were taken out from under me at one point by the movers. Ah well... so much for a break. But Noel had his friend Sky help out and mom was over towards the afternoon to help out, too, so that was wonderful. We're now unpacking and mom again helped out and stayed over a night in the new place to help me get the basics (kitchen) set up.
We planned to put some of our own money into the down payment, but the papers were drawn up without it included, so we decided to use that money that we had set aside to put into home improvements... new stove (flat-top), new dishwasher (the one in the home just didn't get stuff clean, period) and of course we need blinds for all of the rooms. We're going with some of the cellular kinds that Noel likes, even though they're a bit more expensive. We also need a new mattress, but that's one of our "needs". It seems like we've spent a lot, and I'm worried that we're eating into the reserve that we've built up for the baby, but I think we'll be fine. I've got a few more paychecks that we're putting right into savings, so we'll be okay.
Baby-wise, I'm getting bigger. I apologize to those who had requested pics and haven't gotten them yet. I can't find the ultrasound pics, (I'm hoping Noel still has them on his computer) but if not hopefully someone can email them back to me if you still have them saved. I'm also trying to get pictures of my advancing pregnancy to send out, but with the move it's been hectic, plus I'm not sure where the camera is! Too bad I can't post pics here...

Well, our little girl has become quite regularly active. So active that I'm sometimes only aware of her when I haven't felt her move in awhile. Then of course the worries set in, but she always starts kicking again. I'll be starting to get the nursery up and going here soon. I'll have Noel get the heavy stuff up there and then I've got my friend Patty coming over on Wednesday to help me unpack, so we might tackle that room. It will be nice to see the crib set up and the walls painted.

I'll write more later...