Thursday, July 07, 2011

So our new coop is finished! Here are some pics: I am just so thrilled! Noel did a fantastic job and I sat out in a chair next to the coop watching them for a good hour before bedtime. They hadn't been in the actual coop yet so when night fell they were looking for higher ground and kept jumping on the ladder but didn't go in so we had to chase them down and shut them in the coop for the night. We may have to do that for a couple of nights until they get the idea. They won't go out to free range until they are bigger and know where they are supposed to go to sleep at night!
The girls have been in there feeding grass to them and last night after they were in bed I went out and raked poop into a pile and scooped it out. It may sound ludicrous but I want to be able to walk in there without getting really nasty and since we only have three of them it shouldn't be bad. Didn't take me long. I did realize that Noel will need to put a latch on the inside of the run door because it kept swinging out on me when I was in there trying to do things. And a way to lift the end of the ladder and hook it up off the ground while I rake in there at night would be awesome, too.