Friday, February 29, 2008

So, lasagna gardening being my new obsession, I spent the day yesterday at my friend Patty's house raking up her leaves in the front yard to take home for my garden. I also scored some newspaper, which was cool. Of course, now my shoulder and back are killing me, but the shoulder already had a head start so I can't blame it on raking. I realized after I got home that I haven't raked that many leaves in a long time, and it's not like her yard is huge, either! It has 4 flower beds, and there were only a few leaves in them, so I really didn't have much to rake. She has more in her backyard, which I might go back for when my shoulder is feeling better.

While I was there, after I finished raking, we were inside chatting and McKenna ran at me, and clambered up on the couch on me and stuck a knee right into baby-to-be and man did that hurt! I'm not feeling any aches today, and laying on my stomach last night I was able to feel lots of kicks from baby, so I'm not concerned anymore. Guess I'll just have to start guarding my belly a bit more, especially as it starts to stick out a bit.

We've been doing very well reining in spending, so I treated myself to some live aquarium plants and planted them in my tank. The guppies and tetras in there are having a ball. Hopefully, I can keep them alive. I did add some higher watt compact fluorescents, so I think they should do okay. It's nice seeing real plants in there, though! Well, I hear my daughter, so better go get her up for the day. Later!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Well, two nights ago (Saturday night) at 11:16pm I felt the baby kick for the first time! I was actually concentrating on it and had just had some candy an hour before so I figured that's what juiced things up! I'm into my maternity pants since I don't fit into most of my jeans anymore. I do have some nice soft sweat-type pants that still work, thank goodness!

Trying to eat well is my biggest challenge right now, but not too difficult. It was harder when I worked while pregnant with McKenna. At least if we go shopping every week I can pick up fresh veggies and fruits.

Speaking of which, I've been actively planning my garden for this spring. We're going to surround the garden with wood chips and the get some straw (for $2.50/70lb bale) and some free manure, both from farms in Eagle. The woodchips we're getting from a tree service and he's selling for $20. and will fill up 'whatever we bring'!! So great deals there. I'm planning to eventually do a lasagna style of gardening where you don't till, but do a raised bed and layer different materials over time so they break down:

But for now, since we tilled compost into the soil last year, we're going to till in manure, sand and some other amendments, then smooth and cover with newspaper to keep down weeds. Then we'll throw the straw on top for mulch. This fall I'll throw some more compost and fall leaves onto the garden and next spring will just plant directly into the bed without tilling, then mulch again with straw or grass clippings. Since I'll be very pregnant during most of the growing season I want to make it as easy on myself as I can and if I can keep down weeds, that will be a huge success and relief! I'm looking forward to having McKenna help me in the garden and she really liked it last year. She was good at planting those bean and corn seeds. I like the idea of lasagna gardening for the flower beds I want to put in in the backyard also. No digging involved which is great! Don't know if I'll manage it this summer. Probably not, but it's something to look forward to and plan out. I'm also thinking of xeriscaping our front yard to cut down on mowing and water use.

Okay,, well gotta go. Love to all!