Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peaches, blackberries, raspberries!!!

I took McKenna to a u-pick farm and we picked blackberries. I froze most of them for later use in jam or cobblers/pies and we had a great time. She was such a trooper. It was hot, but we weren't out picking for more than an hour. I'm glad I didn't bring the younger ones.

My neighbor also has nectarines ready and we went over today and picked a couple big boxes worth which I'll either can or freeze. Also went to the local produce market and got some nice stuff. I'm enjoying trying to buy local, in-season fruit and veggies, but it can be tough on a budget. At least the peaches and blackberries will last us through the winter!

We'll be starting our homeschool year the first week of September. I'm excited, and this year will be more structured (1st grade) and we'll be doing lots of stuff. Mckenna has PE at the local rec center, piano lessons and riding horses at Blazing Hope ranch. She'll also be working on time, coins, mastering her addition and subtraction which we've already worked on, some science starting with biotopes and history starting with Nomads and Egyptians. And of course lots of reading with her Alphaphonics and readers. Writing and spelling, too. I'm reading the Little House on the Prairie books to them right now, too. We've got safety and values lessons built in as well.

In and of itself is coming up with ways to keep Eli distracted during school and ways Madelaine can feel a part of school, too. I've got my schedule made up for the 1st two months of school and think that's a good way to go. That way if someone gets sick or if McKenna does better than expected in a given subject I don't have to adjust her schedule for a whole semester or year.

Noel will be doing shop-type projects with her starting either this year or next, it depends on what he comes up with. He's been busy with his extra computer jobs for customers and is in the process of building an $1800 computer for someone. His profit is $80. (Personally, I think he needs to charge more but he has lots of work, so I'm not saying anything unless food prices start getting much higher!)

Speaking of food, my garden didn't produce well this year. I think it was a pollination issue. We sprayed our dandelions and of course the bees disappeared. I did get some peas, broccoli, lettuce and carrots. My beans aren't doing well at all - I've gotten maybe 5 off of 60 plants. They look healthy and are blooming but the beans aren't following. My squash would put out 4 inch squashes and then would shrivel at the ends, which could be due to pollination as well as a couple other things. My onions were rather small and the potatoes I haven't dug yet. Tomatoes are doing decently but I think I have leaf curl.... I just planted more peas for a fall crop and the chickens dug up one row. I'll have to put netting around them until they get bigger.

Enough for now. Dinner at our friends Patty and Joes tonight. And it's time for eye drops - my allergies are killing me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

He's getting so big! I'll be needing to trim his hair soon, too. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eli took his first steps yesterday! All day today he's been walking in short spurts. We are so proud of him!!

Friday, August 05, 2011

It's time for some updated pics of the kids. Mom and Dad were here for a week and it was WONDERFUL having them here. I wish they lived closer. Mom helped me make a dress for Madelaine and we worked on a quilt top, as well.