Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm pregnant with #3! It was a surprise for us but a good one. Noel and I have been on the fence about another baby and so this is the way we were meant to go. :) I'm 9 weeks pregnant right now and my symptoms so far are fatigue, moodiness, peeing a lot and craving eggs. I've already gotten a new OB due to insurance changes but have yet to meet her. That will be this week Wednesday, I believe. I've been negletful of this blog, so have lots to fill you in about.

Madelaine will be 16 months old on Christmas and is walking everywhere. Running, too! She hasn't really said anything yet although I thought I heard 'up' pretty clearly Noel claims she says 'dada' - that might be true! She knows several signs including 'blankie', 'more', 'eat', 'kitty' and we're working on 'book'. She's as smart as a whip and gets into everything McKenna does. She loves drawing on the dry erase easel that we have set up. She'll erase, too. Her hair is growing in nicely and she has her back teeth in. I'll post a pic with this log as soon as I can.

McKenna is still doing some speech therapy but I'm planning on canceling it since she's pretty well understood by most everyone. Also, her teacher is a flake. Doesn't show up half the time or forgets to let me know she won't be there the next week. I think we've only worked with her twice or three times out of 8 or 9 times going. The other trips have been for nothing or else we end up getting her teachers assistant who is nice but not as good as Sherri. McKenna is only so-so on going, too. McKenna's attitude towards her sister is so much better now. She's really not aggressive in any way other than the typical sibling push/shovery! They can get into it pretty good, but most of it works itself out and McKenna is good at sharing or giving in gracefully when the occasion calls.

It's snowed here and been so cold that it's still on the ground. We've been out in the sled and Maddy does NOT like the snow. She tolerates the sled, but won't walk in the snow. McKenna makes snow angels and loves playing with the bigger boys from next door if they're out playing. She once was allowed to play football with these pre-teens/teenagers and they were all very sweet with her. They'd let her take turns throwing the ball and when I sensed they were ready to move on to more mature-style playing I called her away. She spent a good hour out there with them that day, though. We've been playing dice games too and that's been a favorite past-time as well.

Noel is still plugging along at his job and it seems as though he's a valued asset, so I'm not too worried about him losing his job. I had a dream last night about a family of 5 moving in with us and it was pretty appalling. I hope it wasn't some sort of prophetic dream in reverse! He's pretty happy with work and now has a carpool partner, which will help with costs. We're trying to build up a good supply of food without going over our budget terribly so I've been trying to cook less expensive meals while not sacrificing quality, especially since I'm pregnant.

Well, that's it for now, I guess. Kids have found me and all is lost for now, I'm afraid! More later...