Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I'm about 15 weeks along now... not really showing yet but I'm having a hard time getting into some of my jeans. I've had some massive cravings for burritos and Krisy Kreme donuts lately. For those that don't know, we're finding out the sex of the baby on the 24th of February. Keep your fingers crossed for a boy!

So with pregnancy comes chaos, it seems. I feel so busy, but I'm not tiring myself out at least. Tuesdays we have the homeschool PE class for McKenna at the Rec Center. I signed her up since she's been a little cabin-feverish lately. Wednesdays seems to be when pre-natal and other appointments fall, Thursdays are McKennas speech therapy class at the local elementary school, which is being taught by the Art teacher. Does anyone else think that's odd?? The speech therapist we've only seen twice out of 12 or 13 visits now. Every other Friday we get together with our friends for dinner, either at their place or ours. I play Bunco every month on Friday which gets me out of the house and is really fun. I signed McKenna and Madelaine up for a homeschool Valentines Party at the Caldwell Library on the 14th of February and we'll be making Valentines for that. We'll be busy, but it's all good.

Other than that, looking forward to a vacation to NY this year for my cousin George's wedding and a trip to visit a friend who lives in Oregon. We want to do at least one short camping trip with our friends Patty and Joe, but I'll be massively pregnant by the time warm weather comes around, so we'll see. We also are hoping to not go into debt over this pregnancy, but I think we'll do fine. I'm just glad Noel still has his job and we're all healthy. No flu yet this season. We've been taking extra Vitamin D and I've been making elderberry syrup. Lots of hand-washing, that kind of stuff.

McKenna and Madelaine are doing fine. Maddy can say "uh-oh", "ow", and "up". She says 'ow' ALL of the time!! I think she started after watching McKenna getting her hair brushed. Evidently, I'm the wicked witch when it comes to brushing hair and Daddy can do no wrong!

Ah well, gotta go. We received a Wii for Christmas (thanks Annie!) and I'm currently practicing golf. Kids are upstairs and quiet, maybe too quiet - but I'll hopefully get to play a little before they decide they're sick of each other.

More later!