Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, recently we've done the corn maze out at Linder Farms and McKenna had a blast with that. She really wanted to be in the bounce house most of the time and on the slide, but the slide was crazy. Absolutely no supervision, with kids getting trampled on their way up and McKenna got her leg stuck in one of the straps that are on the ladder part and had to be rescued. Finally, someone got over there and made the kids behave but it was short-lived. We did the corn maze, which McKenna really thought was a bore, but then we did the pony rides and she got in the saddle and was liking it until the pony started to move and then she wanted off. LOL

Anyway, there was lots there to do. We picked out a 40lb pumpkin and carved it up and got plenty of pictures, thank you very much! Nothing much else except that Madelaine is giggling a little now and gives us tons of smiles. McKenna is being a very good big sister and I'm not as paranoid now as I had to be earlier.

We went for a walk today and a stray cat followed us home. She's young, probably not a year old and is either pregnant or nursing - probably the latter. Skinny, but with some food I gave her hopefully she'll do okay. She may stick around for awhile, who knows? But with these cold nights, I fixed up a couple of boxes for her (one within the other) with some blankets so maybe she'll take advantage. Of course, if she likes it too much and is nursing, she might just bring her kittens here. Guess we'll find out. McKenna likes her because she's friendly and lets her pet her.

McKenna has gone through the first screening at Parkview Pre-School and has a 'social' group this friday, so we'll see what they think. It'll take awhile before we know if they'll take her. She's been behaving around other children much nicer lately and hopefully her main issue that they'll address will be speech. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whoops, forgot to add that that Noel's mom and I cleaned up the garden and got 85lbs of tomatoes out of the garden! We wrapped some of them up to ripen and left others out and around the kitchen. Maybe I'll can some tomatoes this year after all!
Hi all,

I haven't updated anyone in awhile except by email, but I need to update here. It's been a crazy summer. My dad crashed their RV and they had to get a new one, and while that happened they stayed with us for awhile. The new RV had multiple problems and would have to be taken in every day or so to fix or re-fix the heating and air conditioning.

The stock market has tumbled of course, so mom and dad have lost lots of money and dad has taken it particularly hard. We've been reducing spending like crazy and haven't peeked at our 401K's lately. I'm not sure I want to!

Noel got E. Coli around september 28th or so and was hospitalized on Friday the 3rd, McKenna's birthday. It wasn't much of a birthday for her! He was in the hospital with bloody diarrhea and vomiting from the 3rd until he was released on tuesday the 7th. It was a horrific experience and his main problem along with the horrible cramps he had to endure was the dehydration. That seemed to help a lot once he was on IV. If we wanted to visit him we had to but on gowns and gloves. It was quite the operation!

McKenna also has e.coli and it's the same strain Noel had but it's treating her very well. She only has had a couple days of diarrhea and vomiting and we did end up taking her to the ER when we saw blood in her stool. I wish I could take away the memories, because she had to have an IV and they tried to cath her and I finally said that I'm sure I could get the urine sample they needed. Turns out the SW health district of Idaho would have tested her stool for free since Noel had it and I wouldn't have had to put her through all of that. She'll be contagious for another day and then she'll be home free.

The latest development is that our TV burned out last night and I'm secretly pleased. I always disliked how Noel would watch a lot on weekends and this will free up more 'family' time. I also will have to re-direct some of McKenna's attention which will be good for both her and me. A repairman will probably charge too much to fix it and we have medical bills that need to be paid first.

So, in a very small nutshell, that is what is going on!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Madelaine laughed for the first time today!

We also are dealing with e.coli 157 H7 and I will
update you all when our saga is finished.