Saturday, June 26, 2004

Well, we're signing on the dotted line on the 30th... it's coming up quick. I managed to get that day off from work, so at least I can help move! It should be interesting...we've got lots of stuff already packed and we have movers coming to help with the large stuff. The only thing I'm worried about is sleep deprivation during this whole thing. I'm on nights this weekend and have to be bright-eyed and awake by 8am wednesday because that's when we sign. Then we move the whole day. I work the next day (night shift) but at least by that time I'll have a bed set up in the new house to take a nap in. The baby is growing more and more each day, it seems like. She already seems to have her nap times figured out. Like right now she's really quiet. Haven't felt a kick in awhile. My belly button is finally sticking out now, and I've got that faint vertical line that runs down the middle of my tummy starting to show. My abdominal muscles look strange now when I use them... popping out in a ridge-like way. Freaked me out the first time, because I was half leaning back in the sofa and was lifting my upper body to get up. The muscles just kind of popped up in this weird way... at first I thought it was the baby, but my mother reassured me. Anyway, she's really active and I can feel her head usually, especially when she's moving a lot. I was pressing in on my lower tummy the other day (not hard, don't worry) and I felt something move inside. I realized that I had shifted something. At first, when I didn't feel her move for awhile I was having these dread thoughts that I had broken her neck or some other horrific thing like that, but when she started moving with gusto, I quickly put those thoughts aside. So, I've made some "discoveries" along the way, and it's all cool. My pregnancy is going so well, I'm just hoping to get through this next weekend and get moved in quickly.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Okay, it's been awhile since I've written. But Noel and I have found a new house and are closing the same day as we close on our current home which will be the 30th of June. Both ourselves and the new owner will be moving out/in the same day. It's going to be a bit strange. He's got to be out of his apartment since his lease is up and we can't move in any earlier since we have to wait till the close date. (We bought a new home) So it'll be interesting.

Regarding the baby, all I can say is she's growing. I now weigh 134, so I've gained about 12 pounds from where I started out. She's moving a lot now, and I'm feeling more rolls and swishes rather than just kicks. I can tell when she's literally turning around. It's really neat. If Noel's around I have him feel, too. He's pretty into it.
We had a doc appt last Monday and he said everything is going well. They measured my belly this time, (can't remember the actual measurement) and the next time I go in I'll do the glucose test. That should be fun :{ I've heard that it's pretty nasty. Well, that's it for now. I'll chat again when I have time. Most of it will be taken up getting things boxed up for the move, though.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Well it's time for an update. I've just entered my 23rd week, which is officially (according to the books) the beginning of the 6th month. I'm feeling and looking bigger every day and Noel and I need to get another pic of me and and my ever-burgeoning belly! haha I'll be needing to get some more maternity clothes, because the jeans I bought are getting a wee bit tight and my skirts are starting to wear thin!

On another note, we've sold our house! We were offered $1000. less than what we wanted, which was 105,900. so we decided to take it. The only thing is we have to be in new quarters by the 1st of next month, so that means we need to find a house fast if we have any hope of avoiding having to go into an apartment temporarily. I think we can do it though. Tonight Noel and I are going out with our realtor after work to see some houses and we both have off next week Monday and Tuesday so we can look at more houses then, as well. Mom and Dad are up in the area and mom and I have been doing some quilting. I was mainly doing the top stitching on some charity quilts she's making. She's also been helping me box up some books, movies, and pictures and stuff on our mantle and entertainment center. So we've made a little bit of progress. I really want to get the majority of the stuff moved before I get too much bigger, or I fear I'll be no help at all! But we're planning on getting movers, so everything should work out all right!

Our little girl is very active. I haven't experienced the infamous hiccups yet, but I fully expect to! This morning I laid with my belly to Noel's back and we just both felt her kick for awhile. She's all over the place, too! My uterus is up even with my belly button now, and it's funny trying to guess which are knees, feet or elbows. Pretty cool! Well, that's all for now. I'll try to keep up with this blog best I can, though it might be a bit more hit and miss while we're finding a new house!