Friday, April 15, 2011

Eli can pull himself up into a standing position now. He's been doing that for the past few days now. Such the little man! He's also got quite the attitude. Madelaine might come and take something away from him and he now screeches when that happens. I'm trying to train her to give him another toy in place of the one she wants to take - or to not let her take the toy. It's a trying time right now. I'm glad that spring is here, though. I've got my plants all ready to be potted up and some are ready to go in the garden even though I'm not ready yet! I can kick the kids outside to play so that I can decompress a little. I'm anxious to get my chickens, but of course we still haven't built a coop. *Sigh*
McKenna is doing well with homeschool. She is reading better every day and she's started piano lessons. Madelaine wants to do piano lessons too, and tries to monopolize the piano at practice time. LOL
Here's some pics: