Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, I met my neighbor across the street yesterday. Her little boy, Samuel, (about 8 or 9 I think) came over and asked if I would like some radishes from their garden. Sure, why not! So over I went while my daughter was napping away and I chatted with Carolyn for awhile. Found out she's LDS... she was interested in getting her son into piano lessons and was over at a girls house, who is charging $7/hr - evidently the parents are really intolerant of other religions, (their fundamental Christians, I think) so she felt uncomfortable and unwelcome - so she asked if I would like to teach Sam. I've never taught, so I told her Sam would be my guinea pig, but I'd give it a try. So, we talked about her garden, which is huge! and we also discussed home-schooling, which she does with her two kids. Said it was hard work, but worth it. I admitted that I'd thought of it, especially after finding out that we're in a school district that happens to have the lowest test scores in the county. She told me they have great support groups and the materials are very straight forward and easy to teach, but I guess I just need to research it and try to come to an informed decision.
Well, a couple of days ago, I managed to get our whole family to the park. We grabbed lunch at Quiznos (a rare treat) and then got some ice cream at Cold Stone and took it to the park. We sat on blankets with McKenna and watched the world go by. McKenna sat and played with some toys we brought. I wandered over and checked out the rose garden they have. Beautiful! Then checked out a local gathering of people, and from what I could hear of the lady on the microphone, it was a family reunion. There was also a nearby waterpark and we stuck McKenna in her stroller and wandered over to check it out. It was cheap compared to Roaring Springs. A buck for kids under 5 and I think it was $2. something for adults over 18yrs. It looked like a pretty good place to come sometime and also be able to save some money! Anyway, we had a good time, and I expect that's where I'll take her especially as she gets older.
Also, the other day I spent some time with Patty. I brought McKenna over and we sat in her craft room and I crocheted while she worked on the WKS clan flag. (A skull with bloody teeth) Questionable taste on the part of the guys, but what can you expect? I haven't seen the finished product yet, but Patty thinks she did a pretty good job, so I'll have to check it out soon. Joey played on the floor with McKenna and they pretty much entertained themselves.
Did some shopping also with Patty. I have discovered dollar stores! Especially, the Dollar Tree. I had no clue that they had so much good stuff there! I'll be getting a few toys from there, as well as probably cards, envelopes, and gift wrapping and storage containers. Thank you Patty!
So, the only other thing to report is that McKenna is doing well with those legs of hers. I can safely sit her down and expect she won't fall over, although I always put something down behind her, and I hauled her up by her hands and we "walked" a few feet across the living room floor. She kept grinning up at me. Then I stood her against the sofa so that she was facing it and hanging onto the cushions. I let her go for a second and she was supporting herself. It didn't last long, and I meant to get a picture, but it will have to be later when she gets up from her nap.
Alright, nuff for now.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I was nursing McKenna in bed this morning and was remembering how I used to hold her little hands to warms them up. No matter how warmly she was dressed when going to bed, her hands were always cold. So by the time she'd finished nursing her little hands would be all toasty again. Now, she's constantly doing something with those hands. Usually, it's grabbing and twisting, which I'm always trying to fend off. And her hands are always warm, now. I've noticed rough patches on her skin, mainly her arms and tops of her shoulders. It reminds me of the exzema (sp?) patches I used to get here and there. I'm keeping an eye on them and I might try smearing on a little diproline creme that the doc gave me to see if it helps. What else? Oh, I was trimming her toe-nails, and I'm thinking that she might eventually have ingrown nails like Noel. The sides of the nail bed are short and wide, and don't look like my toes at all. So far, everythings good. I had a great day with her yesterday. We had a tickle and giggle fest on the floor and I'd schmuckle her belly and neck and she LOVED it!! I could have done that all day. It does wonderful things to my insides to see her laugh and smile. Hmm, oh yes, I've got her in the toddler tub now instead of the sink, which was rapidly shrinking. I've started using shampoo on her head since she's actually growing some hair. I tip her head back and put a washcloth over her eyes to rinse and she's still getting used to that. I get a lot of gasping and leg thrashing, although I'm careful not to get soap in her eyes... I think it's the sensation of the water pouring over her head that she's not too sure of. She hasn't cried or anything, so I think it's just a new thing. Hmm... will write more when I'm more awake. I made myself get up at 6am this morning.
I've been having trouble falling asleep at night, and toss and turn for a couple hours usually. I then thought about the fact that when I worked I would get up at 4:30am and go to bed at 9 or 10pm... and since I've been at home, I get up around 8 or 9am and try to go to sleep by 10, so my body just isn't tired enough to go to sleep, so instead of staying up really late, I'm going to try to make myself into an early bird so I can then go to bed with my husband, which I'm sure he'd appreciate once in awhile. I figured too, that once McKenna gets older, I can get up early and not only take care of some chores, but also get my breakfast eaten and then have McKennas prepped and ready to go when she awakes. Okay, enough for now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Yesterday we went to the rec center and McKenna took her first swim. We went into the therapy pool that's about 4 feet deep. There were lots of kids there and three friends came over (pre-teen?) age and took a liking to her. They all took turns holding her. Pretty nice girls. McKenna really liked the one girl and was grinning and grabbing at her face. Noel came, but didn't get in the pool. Sat on the sidelines, and then left after 10 minutes, saying that the chlorine was bothering him. Not much of a swimmer, that one. Ah well, it was for McKenna, and she really liked it. I discovered how much water those diapers can hold (don't worry, I had a pink plastic diaper on over it)and it was an eye-opener! We all went home and took showers. Noel gave her a bath in the toddler tub we have from the Boglios; it was his first time. Previous to that she was still in the kitchen sink and I did most of the baths. Today Noel is at the dentist and I'm just relaxing. Looking forward to all the laundry I have to do later... Yahoo!
Well, I watched McKenna scoot backwards on her tummy about 5 feet. Every so often she would put her butt in the air and bend her knee under her. I'm so excited! The cat's are going to love it when she can get into drive and start coming after them! haha

Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, yesterday McKenna, Noel and I went to Christy's b-day party. Christy turned two and is the daughter of our friends Joe and Patty. I went early to help set up. It was a ladybug party, so most everyone (mainly kids) were wearing wings. Very cute! McKenna sat inside for an hour or so very quietly playing while Patty and I decorated, then after the party started I brought her out after her nap. We had little ladybug wings for her and she wore them without a fuss. I was manning the snow cone machine with Patty, and I set her next to us. After a little crying and comforting, she sat quietly with her fingers in her mouth just looking around at everyone. I was able to get some food and chat w/ another new mom there, then brought her over to where I was sitting. Noel was manning the grill and I passed her to him after awhile. I noticed her in Erica's arms after that, which was fine since I wanted her to get used to new faces and being held by new people. I'd like for her to develop some good social skills. Anyway, that party was great; McKenna had a taste of some frosting from a ladybug cupcake, and seemed to like it. (Noel was the culprit - I probably wouldn't have let her have any) I'm trying to keep her away from sweets for as long as possible, but some of her expressions are priceless when she tastes something sweet and new for the first time! Okay, well, I'll have to get a picture of her in her wings on my webshots page, so check back soon!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Time for a quick update...

McKenna can now officially sit up unassisted. I have pillows propped behind her for when she falls back, which she does still, but all is going well!
I'm still having fun as a SAHM, and in my spare time am trying to examine my spirituality a bit more... I've been doing some meditation and yoga, and I'm finding that I feel sharper mentally as well as physically, so I'll keep it up.
Took the kiddo out for a walk today. I slathered her up with sunblock, since it was pretty sunny. 72 degrees out, though... really nice! She's making noises on the monitor, so this will be short. She'll want out of that crib here really soon!

My current mood: Happy :D