Sunday, March 15, 2009

Madelaine isn't crawling yet but she gets around. She can grab at the ground and pull herself along a bit, but mostly she's rolling everywhere. At least it's a slow progression. Guess I need to start re-babyproofing the house!

McKenna had fun today making life-sized cut-outs of the family with some large rolls of paper that we had on hand. She had a ball. I think she's got some sort of infection, either yeast or bacterial, that I need to get checked out. She's been grabbing herself a lot and complaining of itch. At first, I thought she just needed to go to the bathroom, but she kept saying that she didn't. I'm thinking the culprit might be all of the peanut butter we've been eating. I've been making lots of peanut butter balls for quick energy for Noel since he's working out at a gym now. She loves them and eats quite a few in a day, plus sometimes has pb&j for lunch and also pb crackers. So right now I'm cutting out peanut butter, sweets, and she's on water only. I've also been applying some external monistat cream to help relieve her itch. She's been better today, but I think I'll still get her checked out.

Noel and I were going to get compost for our garden today, but it was a bit rainy so we'll wait until next week. I think I'll get my lettuce and peas started then. I'm excited to get things growing again!

My dad is in the hospital. Did a major job on his back when he was doing an exercise and couldn't get out of bed yesterday morning. Mom had to have an ambulance come. There's more details regarding that, but I'll post more later. Tomorrow is Monday and I'm determined to concentrate and clearing out the shelf in McKenna's closet. There's clothes she's outgrown that need to be put away for Madelaine. Well, other than making money with my gpt site (click here if you're interested in making a little extra money doing cash offers) nothing much else going on. I put up portions of my alaskan sourdough starter on craigslist for sale so we'll see if anyone expresses interest. Probably not, LOL! ;)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I've got seeds started indoors! Basil, cilantro (probably will be inside herbs) and my alpine strawberries. This year I will NOT neglect them and will get them into the ground! There's been great weather here and there lately. I divided my iris and re-planted on the south side of the house. It's back where I never go, but the plants will be happy there and I can always go back and get what I need later when I've got a permanent bed set up for them.

We've had lots of rain and McKenna and I were out rescuing worms to put in my garden, poking slugs, and rolling pill bugs along (which we found under a brick). It's been so wet in fact that I may be able to get some edging put in along my garden. The soil is incredibly hard when dry. I also want to get some compost and manure soon so that I can work it into my garden when I need to. I've got separate beds planned here and there in the backyard.

In other news, my little one will be crawling soon I think. She's working hard to get her legs under her when she's on her tummy. McKenna loves 'helping' her to roll over, sit up, etc... they are really cute together! :)

My dad's having some problems. Digestive stuff (doc thought Chrohns at one point and he's on an IV steroid every 2 weeks) and now a compressed fracture of his lower vertebrae from doing an exercise where he was pulling himself up off the ground with his fingers on a door sill. He's pretty emotional about the whole thing. Probably won't get out of the valley this summer with everything going on. We just might have to make a trip down to AZ visit for the celebration of mom's 65th birthday. NY was a possibility and I'd love to get back there because we could also visit Noel's mom and family... but we ended up putting ALL of our tax return onto medical bills from the birth of Maddy and Noel and McKenna's bout with E.coli. I think we may do a family camping trip up into the mountains with our pop-up trailer and maybe the trip to AZ this summer and that will be it, I'm guessing.

Other than that, everything is going well. I've decided to tackle growing onions, potatoes and garlic this year since we use lots of all three in my cooking. It's another year and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Economy wise, I'm thinking it will be worse this year but as long as Noel keeps his job, we'll do all right. Catch ya'll later!