Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So when we got back from our vacation, it seemed like a Christmas dream that I had conceived while down there. Yep, I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I'm at risk for a miscarriage due to lower than normal hcg levels, spotting, clotting, and all sorts of other great stuff I'm sure you'd all like to know about! Last Saturday night we went into the ER because I was feeling symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and my doc said I should go.

So they did an ultrasound and the baby is where it's supposed to be and there's a heartbeat of 141. The ER doc did come back and tell me I had a little bit of bleeding in my lower uterus and that it's not uncommon to see that. She said it's quite likely I'll go on to have a normal pregnancy, but that it does put me at risk of a miscarriage. But at least I know where the spotting and clots are coming from, otherwise I'd be freaking out. I have another ultrasound this friday to check on things again, and hopefully everything will be progressing as normal. I'll be about 7 weeks along this next Saturday. (The doctors determine it from the first day of the last period). Keep me in your prayers. I'm going to need it for this one!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

So we got back from our Christmas/Thanksgiving/2 birthday celebration/vacation and it was fun! Noel and I decided to save money and go down in our pop-up camper and I brought food for us so we wouldn't have to eat out.

We went down hwy 93 through Nevada and started out at 4 in the morning. McKenna slept until about 7:30am in the car and we had breakfast in Twin Falls.... stopped off in Jackpot to stretch legs and made it into Caliente, NV (narrowly missing some deer) for the first night. Noel was particularly cranky which didn't help my mood but we got through it all right.

The next day we headed out and went through north Las Vegas and south on Hwy 95 in Cali back into Arizona and Quartzsite where Noel Sr. lives... we stayed there 3 nights and McKenna got to know her Grampa. We also met a bunch of other people living in that trailer park (snowbirds) who are pretty neat. More rough talk then I'm used to, but heck - one womans shirt said "Quartzsite - trailer trash" or something to that effect. She was really cool and of course, these people are no trailer trash! McKenna got to know the next door neighbors who had a green frog that would 'ribbit' everytime someone walked past, so she was always asking to go over there and play with it. Noel Sr. also put out some vegetable trimmings and seed and every night we'd watch as the little bunny rabbits came in to feed... not more than 5 to 15 feet from his trailer... one night there were at least 15 of them, I'd say. McKenna loved watching them, but wanted to chase them even more, so it wasn't until after she was in bed that we could sit out and watch them.

We checked out the 'main event' as they call it, kind of like a permanent summer swap meet, and we looked for butter-making paraphanalia... I found one butter paddle for squeezing the water out of the butter, but the little butter churns I found were too expensive.

So after Quartzsite, we left and headed into Phoenix and stayed with Mom and Dad. I immediately went in to drool over her new long-arm machine and I'm so envious of Tish that she's so close to that thing and I'm so far! Anyway, I got to drive it and use pantographs and it was an experience, let me tell you.

The first 'holiday' we did was Thanksgiving, which my brother Dwight actually wasn't there for, but he got there the next day and by then Sherri and Mark were back from the Grand Canyon, so EVERYONE was there and that was cool. We did pasta the next night, I think and that was my thing... I made the dough and rolled it out and then mom stuffed and made the raviolis... we had pasta everywhere let me tell you and I even had leftover dough, so I made fettucine and had it hanging over the backs of chairs and wherever I could to start it drying. Dwight walked in and said something about how it looked, and his daughter Deanna was taking pictures of it (as I recall). Anyway, without the fettucine, we probably would have been short on food for everyone. People were coming back for seconds, and we had to make sure there was enough for the guys because THAT was the day the water heater went out and they were all back there, 3 cooks in the kitchen so to speak, getting it put in. Noel described himself later as 'head grunt' who did all the work, Dwight as the guy offering advice and Mark was the joke teller. Of course, I came out at one point and overheard a joke my brother was telling (Dwight, not Ethan) about Homer Simpsons beard and didn't do out there again! lol
So we ended up getting this homemade pasta dinner together with no running water, but it came on shortly before people finished eating so we at least managed to get the dishes cleaned up!

We did mom's birthday next day I think (Wednesday, at any rate) and she got some gift certificates from JoAnnes and some other stuff I can't remember. She didn't want people to make too big a fuss since it was mostly to be about dad. Tish did mom's birthday dinner at her house and did homemade pizza, which was really good. We all hung out there (actually this was before Dwight, Debbie, Jenny and Deanna showed up, so I know I've got my days mixed up, oh well) and I got to see Tish's garden which was REALLY cute, much nicer than my butt ugly one... lol McKenna played on the swing set with Logan while Ashlynn tossed cheerios around, (at least that's what I think they were ;)

So for dad's birthday everyone gathered at the dining table and he opened gifts that he expressly said he didn't want anyone to get him, but heck it's his 75th, what are we going to do, take him literally?? He got some Civil war stuff from Sherri, a book on Ancient Europe from me, and can't remember the other things. He was moved to tears though to have everyone there. I mean, it's been at least 15 or more years since the whole families been together. At least, I can't remember the last time.

So the next day we did the Christmas swap, where there's 3 rounds and people get to steal a gift they want. Everyone brought a couple of gifts to swap and there was lots of good stuff... a drill, lotions, a small drive for a computer, a hand carved wooden bowl, a beautiful painting (which I stole from mom, who was the one to open it origionally) and I brough a handmade red bag with seeds I collected from my garden and some candles. There was more stuff, but I can't remember everything. I know the gift I brought ended up getting split, which was fine. Jenny got the bag, Tish the seeds, and Tish and Sherri split the candles which were very yummy smelling, I might add! Everyone had a great time.....

So when we left, we headed north to see Gene and Cathy, who are friends of Noel and his dad. Gene is a homeopathic doctor and Cathy suffers from fibromyalgia. While we were there Gene gave me an 'exam', which consisted of touching me in various places while asking me to hold my arm straight out from my side and resist his arm as he pushed down on it. The verdict was I had allergy, headache, adreanal, and ovary problems and the latter is causing the first three issues. He said I have low estrogen and prescribed some herbs for me to take. I tell you, it was a different experince. I have to admit I was skeptical even though he was dead on about issues I was having ( although he already knew about the fertility and allergy issues from previous conversation) It was my first encounter with anything other than your classic western medicine. I'm holding onto the script since I want to research homeopathy more before just driving out to my handy compound pharmacist to get this filled... lol I've made an appointment anyway with my OB/gyn to talk about fertility treatments in early January and I want to see what comes of that first. Of course there's the next few days to get through to see if I'm pregnant this month. I'm not holding my breath! ;)

Anyway, the trip was fun. I got to see Carrie and she's due in January I believe. We chatted for quite awhile, and got some quality time in! I didn't get to see Ashley since she's in WA, but Noel and I are tentatively talking about a trip to the coast next summer, and we'd see her then if that works out financially.

So the verdict is that McKenna had a blast, the camper was comfy, we saw family and dad got to show us all off in church that Sunday. When he asked us to stand up and two whole pews did (13 people), I heard a lot of gasps and such, so that was kind of fun... and dad was proud.

Okay, enough for now... gotta run and get the little one ready to face the day! Love to all!