Friday, June 25, 2010

Just odds and ends today........

Our china cabinet arrived today. My sister had it shipped out from Bedford, NY and it is all newly polished and cleaned and set-up where the old one was. It looks beautiful and the wood is a lighter color than the other one, which I like. The smell sure brought back memories of the cottage and my Grandfathers wood shop (where it was made).

We picked strawberries today and there were quite a lot of them! Biggest haul we've gotten since they were planted 3 years ago. Of course, they'll get ripped out this fall and new ones will go in next spring. Raspberries are also coming on slowly and I managed to tie up my tomatoes in the florida weave system I like so much. All Early Girls.

Today was a better day attitude-wise for the kids. The house is still a mess and disorganized but I'm hoping to get that taken care of soon. I'm always hoping that! ;)

Just called Noel and we're going to meet up in Boise for dinner tonight. It's either that or grilled ham and cheese sandwiches - oh wait, we don't have bread! Never mind, it's definitely a restaurant tonight!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be forewarned, this is going to be a rant.

Today is one of those days when everything goes wrong, no one is happy and the older one tries to 'help' by bossing the younger one around and makes things significantly worse. My children have been banished to their bedrooms for quiet time for fear of what Mommy was going to scream in their faces or do to their precious little bodies. Of course, I'd never hurt my children but I definitely needed some 'me' time. I know I'm not in the best mood today and that rubs off on the kids. McKenna's been getting lots of 'no's' and 'not nows' and was really feeling a bit rebuffed, I think. This is one of those times where I wonder what the heck I'm doing having a third child! LOL
Then I sit back and think about how much joy and love and chaos he'll bring into our house and I think the first two will be enough to cancel out the third.

I'm waiting for the nesting to really kick into high gear because our house feels so scrunched to me. I have a mini crib sitting in my kitchen with nowhere to go because there's no room to put it right now. I have a co-sleeper that will need to be set up soon. I'll be full-term in 2 weeks and things need to start getting done. I feel like there's crap everywhere and no place for it all. I HAVE made some progress with certain items. Things that need to go into a yard sale, for instance. The old china cabinet, an old rocker, another old dresser with busted rails that I'm not sure anyone would pay anything for. Our garage and shed are full and I just feel ready to set things out on the sidewalk with a 'free' sign on them! This Saturday I'll try to get Noel to help me move some of this stuff out to the yard for a small, mini yard sale. Otherwise, it'll go REALLY cheap on craigslist or get hauled to the local Goodwill.

In regards to baby news (really have to get a name for him settled) the midwife told me at my last appointment that he's in the perfect position for birth and he's probably about 5 pounds or so based on my weight and what she could feel. About the weight of a honeydew melon. I feel so relaxed and confident with my birth plans and the midwives at The Baby Place and I'll be happy to share my birth experience with everyone when the time comes.

In other news, everyone is sick but me. Noel stayed home yesterday with a bad sinus situation. The kids have runny noses and coughs and I'm sneezing but am pretty sure it's just allergies (for me).

We had a blast camping up north of Idaho City last weekend although we ended up on a tick hunt 2nd to last day. Found one on Joe, one on McKenna's head and two on Christi's head. Other than that, it was fun. The kids went hiking with the guys and did well. Climbed a decent sized hump in the earth. McKenna brought me back flowers from the summit. They also got a chance to get into their bathing suits and splash in the river. Next time we go I'm hoping it will be warmer and we can try out the cabins that we did a couple/three years ago.

I think I'll end this and submerse myself in the mind numbing game which is Farm Town on facebook. Good way to zone out when your mind is zooming along at prestissimo.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So all day today I spent shopping and packing and preparing food for our camping trip. We're going up north of Idaho City to Ten Mile campground with Patty and Joe and their kids. Boy, I really didn't think about how much working all day takes out of you. I'm slow to begin with and all the bending over and lifting of kids and packing stuff has really worn me out. My whole pelvic area feels brittle and ready to snap but I know it's because the boy-o's head is really low and almost engaged. It's just exhausting and we haven't even left yet. I think I'll let Noel do a bunch of lunch/dinner prep while we're up camping. The kids seem excited to go. It's supposed to rain one of the days we're up there and we're staying for three days. It should be fun.

Enough for now. I've got the TV babysitting the kiddos so I'm off to surf for awhile.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rain has come again. It's so wet my strawberries haven't done anything yet. Since I made that freezer jam, I'm thinking I might skip picking strawberries at the berry farm, or at least have hubby and the kids do it. I can't see being bent over for any length of time. My belly's just getting too big. I will however, be out for the raspberries!

June will be a busy month for us. We have a birthday party to attend and some camping north of Idaho City we'll be doing. Then we'll be throwing a 4th of July party. My parents will be up the first part of July and I'll have a birth and a birthday for Maddy to think about. Should be interesting!

Well, this will be short. I'm expecting a china cabinet to be delivered from NY from my sisters house and I need to move the cabinet that's currently in the spot we'll be putting it in. I need to box up some fragile stuff and move my tinctures and medicine-making equipment.

More later!