Saturday, September 24, 2005

Warning!! This entry is not baby-related...

I decided to investigate the Master Gardner Program through U of I... through their county extension office. The course runs from January to mid-April and teaches lots of good stuff. I want to plant a vegetable and flower garden next year, and I'd like to learn more about growing things... it will help save money if I'm not killing off what I'm planting... haha. The course is about $60. and you have to agree to volunteer back to the community 30 hours... it could be answering questions by phone or in person, working at a farmers market, or teaching a class at a school, garden club, etc... It sounds like fun, actually... Noel thought it sounded funny that I wanted to do it, but after realizing I was serious, he decided to support me. He took a couple years of agriculture classes in HS, but I'm sure there's some new info out there, or even info relating to our region that would be helpful (indigenous plants, insects, etc...) that he may not be aware of. So lets do it!! I have to be on the lookout for the application coming in December and then get it sent in right away, because they accept the first 40 people, and then that's it. So I'll have to stay right on top of the mail and then get it filled out and off to the post office right away. Ta-Da!! Master Gardener here I come!!! :D

Sunday, September 18, 2005


McKenna is an adept crawler... she can easily go from crawling to sitting and back again. She is also pulling herself up on stuff, so I have to keep an eye on her and make sure she's using stable things. Mom has gotten her rolling over from back to tummy. She sings the "three bears in the bed" song and has gotten her rolling. Yesterday I went into her room to get her up after a nap and found her sitting up. This morning she was in the crawling position. So she can definitely get around. This morning as I was feeding her breakfast she scrunched up her face at me, so I did it back, and we ended up making faces at each other and laughing. She's a hoot! She's also transitioning to 1 nap a day. She's starting to cut out that morning nap. That's it that's new with her...

With me, I'm on a mission to cut our grocery budget by $50. a month, and so far it's been working well. This month is looking good. I'm cooking and baking a lot more from scratch, buying in bulk and trying to hit sales and use coupons, and I think it's really having an impact. (Well, I know it has) So with an extra $50. a month, I'm going to put it towards planting a garden next year, so we can buy less produce at the store, and I'll do some canning. My neighbors next door have two kids that they want to start piano lessons with me, so that will give us some added income as well... and that will probably go towards an eduction fund for McKenna. Another plus, Noel has found a car pool partner, and that will save us about $30. a month. Gas is about $2.95 up here. I've noticed that it's dropped from $2.99 in the past couple of days, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will continue it's downward trend.