Monday, February 26, 2007

McKenna said "outside" clearly today! Might have been a fluke, but it was a nice one!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today was 'water the plants' day. My 75 gallon terrarium has several plants in it, some of which are pothos, wandering jew, an orchid, primroses, zebra prayer plant, some carnivorous nepenthes and sundews, and my newest nepenthes miranda. It's a larger plant than the others with one beautiful full-grown pitcher on it.

McKenna and I watered everything at the kitchen sink and she stood on her stool to help me. I showed her how to use the sprayer and we took turns watering and bathing the plants. She got quite a kick out of watching me filter my rainwater. The neps and sundew don't tolerate tap so I collect rainwater or use distilled when it's really dry out.

I used a new filter for a fish tank and ran all my rainwater through it, mainly to get out any dust or herbicide residue that may have accumulated on our roof. I wait about 15 minutes AFTER it starts raining before collecting so that really ensures that I collect the cleanest stuff. Hey, it's free, too! McKenna thought that was really cool - me using the filter and funnel and gallon jug. I'm going to have a blast teaching her about horticulture (as much as I know, anyway) and about keeping fish tanks.

Now I've just got to figure out how to get blogger to accept a picture of McKenna I want to put on up this site. It'll take photos from the laptop, but won't take the shared files from Noel's computers... guess I'll have to ask him!

Noel got back from a LAN (computer gaming) party in Portland and brought some 'prizes' home with him, one of which is a computer gaming tower that he's selling to a friend of his for a bargain price of $110.00 Nice case, too - not tricked out like some of the pics I saw, but pretty nice. These gamers evidently compete to see who can have the wildest computer pc set up. One picture Noel brought home was of a case with an axe sticking out of the top. It was pretty wild. I can only imagine all the work and time that goes into it. One guy has his computer inside a glass rectangular cube with the computer at one end and the monitor is being projected onto the far end of the cube. It looked pretty heavy! Well, enough on that. Time for a chocolate fix!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow, just went through a confusing tussle with McKenna. I was bringing her downstairs and she started crying. Got to the bottom and put her down - she turned right around and hustled back up. (She can walk up the stairs now with her hand on the wall) Then proceeded to start crying again! So I went up, picked her up again, asked her what was wrong, and she started patting my back. Took me a minute, but I finally realized she wanted a piggyback ride down the stairs! Noel's always doing this with her. Yay, we figured it out! :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well, I just updated my blog. I like it - was getting a bit tired of pink. Don't forget to scroll to the very bottom and check out the pic there, too.
Okay, to answer everyones question... nope, not preggo - but still working on it! LOL

I updated my webshots page... so take a look all of you that haven't checked it out. As you can see, I've developed an interest in carniverous plants. Mainly Asian pitcher plants and Sundews. McKenna really likes my terrarium... she'll go up to it and point a lot. I think she really likes the wandering jew plant. And my zebra prayer plant. Gotta go, someone's screaming at me! LOL