Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Maddy rolled from her back to her tummy yesterday. First time! She's skooching forward on her tummy more now, too. I have to keep re-adjusting her on her blankie. She grabs for food now if we are holding her on our laps and eating and will grab for the spoon as we're feeding her. I've had a couple of messes because I wasn't careful and she grabbed the food jar and spilled. I feel a lot more comfortable leaving McKenna alone with her although we've had two incidents in the past month. Once was McKenna dropping her when she was carrying her to me. (I think I mentioned that one) All was well as she landed on her back and not her head - also landed on the carpet and not the hard floor. The other incident happened yesterday. Maddy was in the exer-saucer and McKenna was playing with her and pulled the exer-saucer upside down. I looked over, forgetting for the moment that Maddy was in it and said, "Noel would you right that please" and so he flipped it over and as he did I saw a little foot wiggling and then Maddy was looking at us for a second with a "What the f-" look on her face and then decided to start crying. Noel hadn't realized she was in it either. She was fine and calmed down very fast so I think she was mostly just scared at finding herself upside down. We talked to McKenna and I think she didn't intend for it to flip over. She pulls on it sometime with Maddy in it in order to pull her into another room. I think this time when she was sitting next to it she just got carried away - but we talked about her being careful. Anywhoo,

I can't wait for spring! I've gotten interested in geocaching: www.geocaching.com and can't wait to start looking for some treasure! I think McKenna would enjoy it, too. When we go camping this next summer I think it would be a fun addition to the fishing and swimming. There's hides all over the place - in urban, rural and woods areas. Some are really difficult and others are easier to get to. Ones you could take your kids to.

In other news, we got our new cow for the next year. All divied up with Patty and Joe and tucked neatly into our freezer. We had some t-bones a couple nights ago and they were yummy! Also had dinner with Patty and Joe and kids last night and I did some cod (I never make fish) and everyone really liked it. Since Noel has joined Gold's Gym and is trying to lose weight and get healthy I think I may start doing fish more often. A trick I picked up is to soak the fillets in milk and it gets rid of that fishy smell and taste that some people don't like. I was glad to see that McKenna ate all of hers as well. Well, I think that's it for now. Don't have time to proof read - hope there's not too many mistakes! Later......