Friday, April 17, 2009

Maddy is almost crawling! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks and also picks up her legs like she wants to go forward with them. Noel says she did crawl a foot when I wasn't looking last night (putting McKenna to bed). So I guess this first is his! She also cut her first tooth about a week and a half ago and right now she's got two tiny lower teeth in front. She's still pulling herself along with her forearms mostly. She can hold onto a sippy and drink some juice. She's very active at this point. No other breaking news right now.

Getting the garden together. Got some extra strawberries and spinach plants from my neighbor so now I have onions coming up, as well as peas and lettuce and radishes planted. But the radishes are old seed and I'm doubting they'll come up. I've got my tomato plants going inside and I hope to have them in the ground my early to mid-May.

Had a dream last night that Noel and I found a property of about 5 acres for $120K. It had a barn and a chicken coop and it was a big old farmhouse with a beautiful front porch. Noel tried burning some garbage and the trees across the street caught fire. Besides that, it was a lovely dream!