Thursday, December 22, 2005

Okay, new news... McKenna can walk by herself while holding onto just ONE of her parents hands. We're very proud of her! She's growing more hair, but I still can't get it into a hairband. We set up our tree and she's been playing with the ornaments, pulling them off (soft ones). But after a while, she gets bored and stays away.
About a week and a half ago, I took her with some neighbors to the Micron Kids Festival (pictures on my webshots page: and she had a ball! I took her on some of the little kiddy rides and down one big slide, which I think she liked, but I can't be positive. She didn't cry, at least! Noel and I got her a combination trike/pusher thingy. Something she can ride on, and when she want to push, the seat splits open down the middle and she can stand between the two halfs and push it along. She's been pushing a lot of things around the house lately, including her highchair, so we figure that it's time. Okay, well an active little one on my lap prevents me from writing much... that's it for now!