Wednesday, August 24, 2005

McKenna has also for the past few weeks been able to poke cheerios into her mouth with her little fingers... and is getting quite adept! Today we're going to be getting ready and packed to go up to Cascade to camp with my parents... more to come later...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, just now I got McKenna to crawl about 4 feet so we could show her daddy... and earlier I noticed her on her hands and feet with butt in the air, and then next time I looked she was sitting! Okay, so we've got that one down... you'd think any day now she could go from her back to tummy... one of these days I'll probably come in to get her from her crib and find her on her tummy...
Okay, well I finally got my pics up at my webshots site, so feel free to check it out! This link should work: McKenna did some more crawling... only a couple of feet and very tentative... she still wants to pop her butt up in the air and get on her feet and hands, and she almost went from hands and feet to sitting, which she's never done, so that might happen soon! Noel's out cleaning the garage and McKennas taking a nap. Later!

Monday, August 22, 2005

McKenna offically crawled a little today! She was on her hands and knees and crawled forward towards me (I was on the couch) a few feet. I'm so proud of her!!! Now I've got to start baby-proofing the house! :P
It's been awhile since I've written... we've been super busy. Noel, McKenna and I went to CT to visit family. There was a family reunion while we were there so I got to meet many of his relatives that I've never met before. McKenna did wonderfully while we were there... not really cranky a bit! We went to an amusement park and I did a rollercoaster with a 226foot initial drop. It was awesome, but I was nauseous and headachey afterwards. We only spent half a day, but we all had lots of fun. I've got to say I really enjoyed CT... it reminded me of NY in so many ways, and Noel even admitted afterwards that he enjoyed the east coast much better this time than he did the last time he was out. He said he wouldn't necessarily move there, but it wouldn't be as out of the question as it would've been a couple of years ago. I wish I could get him out in the fall... he would love the fall colors. We went to the beach, as well... and it was McKennas first time in the ocean. She absolutely loved it! And it was hot and we had no umbrellas, but we had her in her car seat with the hood pulled up and she was as happy as a clam.

So, after that trip I can home and almost (2 days) immediately was up at Warm Lake visiting mom and dad with McKenna... she didn't do so hot that trip. She didn't want to go down to sleep at all, since the play pen was in the main room... and one night she didn't fall asleep until around 11pm - this for a child whose bedtime is usually 8pm at night. Most of the time we were hanging around trying to stay cool and playing cards. We did go swimming and McKenna loved the water... it was colder than the atlantic was, but she loved it just as much and I think got wetter, too!
After that, my sister and brother-in-law flew in... Sherri and Mark, and they stayed with us this first night they flew in, went to Stanley with mom and dad (we stayed behind) and then were down again for another night before flying back home to NY. We had a GREAT time while they were here... it makes me wish I was closer to them! I actually had a glass of wine and could loosen up a little without getting disapproving stares from my darling husband! (He was working!)
New news... hmm... well McKenna can pull herself forward on her hands and elbows... and I think she's taken a few "steps" forward on her hands and knees, but she mainly just twists around on her tummy, or gets on her hands and feet with her butt in the air. She can stand up while holding onto things, which is pretty good. This from a little girl who still hasn't rolled over from her back onto her tummy yet! Oh well, time will tell. She's getting little curls in her hair, too... it's so cute!
Okay, my back is starting to hurt... more later!