Wednesday, May 25, 2005

McKenna has seen her first movie in a theater! And what a doozy it was! Star Wars: Episode III... I missed her first reaction because I had to run out and get some water, but it had just started (previews) and Noel was holding her and she was just goggling at the sound and the screen. We were only 5 rows from the front. So, after the first few minutes of absorbing new stimuli, she started acting up a little... not too much, though. I held her most of the time, and nursed her here and there when she seemed a bit cranky. She fell asleep on my shoulder about 10 mintues from the end of the movie. It ended at about 9:00pm... It was a late night for her, but she did better than I expected. I thought we might have a hard time getting her down, since she'd been awake for about 5-1/2 hours at that point, but she went down hard and stayed down. Didn't wake me up to eat until about 5am in the morning, either. Which is good! So, it worked out well. We had spent the day and Patty and Joe's watching Star Wars 1 and 2, so it was a long day. Let's see, what else? I don't know if I mentioned that when she's on her tummy, she'll scoot backwards a few feet at a time. She doesn't always do this, just when she's refreshed and full of beans.

We've been playing the piano together, and today we took a walk around the subdivision. I've been keeping an eye on a sandpiper nest in our neighbors yard under a tree. The guy lives in California, and hasn't been to his house in quite a few months. The weeds are higher than the bushes! But the bird likes the privacy. I'm tempted to take pictures of the egg and then the development of the baby bird so McKenna can see it when she's older. But I want to do it in the least invasive way. I'm still mulling it over. Well, gotta go. It's back to cleaning.
Oh, by the way, the movie was excellent!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

... continued from below...

Okay, so where were we? Oh yes, I've just woke up from my first nap. By this time, it's about noon or 1pm. I cry or do my fake cough, and mommy comes and gets me. We go down and have some more play time. Mommy has started taking me to this big thing with lots of white and black things to hit. They make noise! I love banging away, and usually she lets me for about 10 minutes... then if it's nice, we go outside and sit on the porch swing and watch the birdies. There's lots of people in our neighborhood, so sometimes we walk over to say hi. After that, mommy puts me in my johnny jump-up. I love bouncing! I would bounce all day long, except for those darn naps I have to take! Sometimes mommy will put me on my tummy to play and I'll roll onto my back, and then watch her come and put me back on my tummy. Doesn't she understand that I don't want to be there? I like to watch the kitties walk by, and sometimes I'll reach out and grap at their silky hair. Oo, I love the feel of it! It makes me laugh and laugh! After more play time, sometimes mommy will take me into what they call the computer room, and she'll hold me while she does stuff on the "computer". All I can tell is that when she hits all the buttons, it makes stuff happen on the big square in front of me, so I like to bang on those buttons, too. Lately, they've been trying to stop me because when I hit those buttons I get stuff to happen, too! Daddy and mommy make those funny noises when I do it, especially when the square goes dark.

Let's see, at about this point, I go down for another nap. When I get up, mommy has me lay on my blankie on the floor in the family roon and play while she runs back and forth around the house. Sometimes, she's carrying things, other times she pushes this loud black thing around. And later, she'll put me in my exersaucer and take me with her into the kitchen and she'll make things that smell good. I can't wait till I can put them in my mouth, too! Mommy HAS given me yummy stuff she calls "apple juice" in a sippy cup and she helps me hold it, but I tell her I can do it by myself! After she makes the yummy smelling stuff, we go into the family room and she turns on this BIG square that has moving pictures! We have more cuddle time, and then daddy comes home! I love grabbing all that red stuff on his face! He'll play with me and cuddle me and I like bouncing up and down on his belly. It's nice and soft. After mommy and daddy eat, I have to go to bed. But before I do, they poke some more questionable goo into my mouth. I have to wear a disgusted look at times to let them know how I feel! Somehow, they get most of it into me. I really don't know how... they are SO incompetant with that spoon! Then daddy or mommy puts me to bed. And that's my day! Jeez, I'm a really busy girl, aren't I?
Hi everyone! My name is McKenna. Mommy thought I should write to you. I thought I'd tell you about a typical day I share with my mom. So here goes!

In the morning, I wake mommy up at around 8am, and lately I've decided that instead of crying it's more fun to do my fake cough. I'll lay in my crib and do that for awhile and see if she comes running. It's so funny when she does! Then we go to her room for breakfast in bed. Personally, I'm more interested in keeping her attention on me than in eating (especially if I woke her up in the middle of the night to eat!)so I like to grab and scratch whatever I can get ahold of. Sometimes it's her nose! I think she really likes that because she makes strange noises.
After we eat, she lays me down on the bed with some pillows on either side of me(because I'm starting to roll now, yippee!) and gets ready for the day. After that, we go downstairs, open up the blinds, and have some snuggle time on the couch. She changes my diaper, and then I play in my exersaucer. I love all the stuff on it, especially the mirror. I like talking to the other baby, but she doesn't say too much. While I do that, mommy watches the Today Show.

After awhile, I get hungry, so mommy feeds me on the couch, and then we go into the kitchen and she gives me baby food from a jar. I must say, I'm not too sure about some of the stuff she pokes into my mouth, but I do like spinach. Daddy rolls his eyes when mommy tells him what I'm eating... I'm not too sure, but I think that means he likes spinach, too! Mommy isn't always too good with the spoon, so I've started helping her. I like to grab the handle and help guide the spoon to my mouth. Sometimes though, I just try to grab the food off the spoon and put it in my mouth. Wouldn't it be easier that way? And mommy likes when I do it, because she always laughs.

After breakfast, I have to take my first nap and mommy takes me up and checks my diaper. I think mommy is confused though, because sometimes when she changes my diapers, she'll say oo, carrots! Or, oo, garden veggies! But I don't get it, because isn't that what I eat? Hmm, that mommy's pretty funny! So after my diaper change, she wipes my hands and face with a wet cloth, and someone should tell her to warm it up! I screw up my face in anticipation of that cold, wet cloth, and I'm sure I must be getting my point across because she makes these funny noises in her chest and interesting face grimaces. So after that, we read a book. Sometimes, it's "Where the Wild things are" and other times it's "I'm a Manatee". I like both, but I'd like them more if mom would let me grab and twist the pages... I think someone needs to tell my mommy to get some soft baby books that I can play with. So, after our little bedtime routine, she puts me down in the crib. I usually have to cry and fuss for at least 5 minutes to let mommy know I really DON'T want to sleep, but after that I'm usually too tired to continue. Besides, the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I can get up again. Okay, telling this has made me ready for another nap... To be continued...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Morning!

So what's new? Noel took me out to Olive Garden for mothers day. We had a really good time, and the best part was the waiting time (40 min) because there was this nice grassy strip beside the restaurant with big trees, so we sat on the grass and put McKenna on a blanket and watched the other families. Several were on the grass, too. There was a young couple with a little baby boy who was crawling, and they were practicing walking with him. There were a few older kids throwing something up into the tree branches near us. When we sat down with McKenna their parents made them move farther away so nothing would fall on us. And the cutest thing was a little girl who was toddling towards us with outstreched hands and a bright gleam in her eye, and she was focused on McKenna. Her mom caught her before she could make contact, and told us she would have "grabbed" our daughter... her mom said she just loves other babies right now. But she was only 10 months! I couldn't believe it. She had only been walking a month her mom said, and was still plopping down on her butt a lot like young walkers do. McKenna's 7.5 months old and has just starting rolling over. I'm amazed at the difference of growth that babies go through. But I'm not worried... as long as she grows up healthy and happy, I don't care if she doesn't start walking until she's two! Other than that, nothing much to report except we have a follow-up with McKennas heart doctor on the 16th? I think of this month to have another EKG done to compare against the first one so they can see if there's any change. I doubt anything negative will have happened since she's growing really well. My back tells me every time I pick her up that she's putting on weight. And she looks great. That's about it. McKennas down for a nap, so it's time to vacuum!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

So, yesterday was one of those great days. Noel and I slept in (so did McKenna) and when everyone woke up we all cuddled in bed together for awhile. Afterwards, we went downstairs where Noel cooked omelettes, and they were quite yummy! Later in the day, my friend Patty watched McKenna for us while Noel and I went out for dinner at Red Robin, and then saw the movie, "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy". I can say it was original and unique, and was probably a very good book, but I wouldn't see it in theaters again. After that, we went home, with our daughter, of course, and watched some "Without a Trace"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Yesterday, McKenna rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time... she was really working at it too... the sound effects were funny. I could tell she was a little upset by being on her tummy, so that must have been the incentive to get rolling. Yeah!