Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow, it's been forever since I posted! Maddy is walking around now. She started doing just a few steps right before our trip to AZ at the beginning of this month and now is walking and almost running everywhere. She has a mouthful of teeth now and lots more hair.

McKenna has matured and is quite understandable now. She had a great time on our trip to AZ and except for getting sick the day we left to come back to Idaho, we all had a great time!

I've been ripping out the garden. We ended up with a bunch of tomatillos and onions that we took to Noel's dad, plus some jalapenos. I expect he'll make salsa with everything.

We've had kittens around. A really cute tan one with gray tips came into our garage and played with us while I had Joey and Christi over. It had a collar on and I think it might be part of another groups of kittens that I've seen in our backyard. Unfortunately, something is killing them. We found two dead kittens today, one in front and one in back. Both look like something gnawed on them pretty good. McKenna saw the first one before I knew what it was. Thankfully, it was laying injury side down. She was very confused and kept asking if it would get better and we had to explain that it wouldn't; that it was dead. She broke down crying after awhile, so I went in and explained to her about the soul and the afterlife, both of which I believe in. That seemed to make it a bit better, but it was tough going for awhile there.
We are feeding a tomcat but I doubt it's him. He's a really friendly guy who we're planning on getting neutered and there's two other cats that show up once in awhile that we don't feed. One is a himalayan that is probably the father of the kittens and the other is a stocky, broad-headed gray tom that is not friendly at all. In fact, both times I've seen him it's because he was growling at the himalayan. He struck me as a really nasty fellow.

Anyway, enough cat news for now. The weather is getting colder but we're looking forward to Halloween. Noel carved up some pumpkins and did a great job but he was a little premature. They are molding and folding in on themselves already and we have 6 days to go! McKenna and Maddy will be ladybugs, I'll be a cowgirl and Noel will be a mage or something. He bought this black and silver gown with a hood that looks pretty cool, I've got to admit!

Well, I've got split pea ready to get into some hungry tummys. More later!