Thursday, November 10, 2005

So, McKenna has 4 teeth now! The two on top are just emerging and she's going through that grumpy teething stage. She's learned how to crawl up stairs, so the baby gate is now a permanent fixture... she also pitches a fit when I take something away but is easily soothed by the replacement of a more appropriate object. She has a fascination with spoons right now. I can't feed her unless she has a spoon of her own to hold. She's cruising very well and took a few steps with me holding onto just one hand, so walking will come soon, I think. She's also still in that stage where she loves applause so I've been having her put her toys in the toybox before naptime and bedtime and give her lots of hugs/kisses and applause when she does it. I'll have a little picker-upper on my hands soon, I hope.

She's starting to sling her food around more, which is frustrating, so I just try to keep the good stuff out of her way. The floor these days stays pretty clean with constant sweeping and mopping, so we observe the 10 second rule... (okay, sometimes 30 seconds) Ah well, she's getting more independent and will play quietly by herself and will go exploring on her own... I'll wait a few seconds before following her, but I've got the house pretty well baby-proofed, so I don't worry too much if she takes off on her own for a couple of minutes.

She still isn't sleeping through the night like she did before the camping trip to Warm Lake. She gets me up at 2:30 and at 6:30 usually... and then we're up for good around 8:30, 9ish. I'm going to try weaning her off the 2:30am nursing gradually, and start giving her water instead. I stuff her pretty good with dinner right before her bedtime, so I'm sure she's not hungry. I think it's just habit. Anyway, that's about it with McKenna. I'll keep you posted... :)