Sunday, June 14, 2009

So what better time to blog than when you're sick in bed? I have a nasty chest cold and McKenna and Madelaine have been coughing. Luckily I have a great guy who can take care of me on the weekends! It also helps that he's immune to the kind of stuff the rest of us catch. LOL

So, there's been nothing but rain! Bad weather canceled a camping trip we had planned with the Turmes family and now we're sick. We're going to try again this coming weekend and I'm just hoping that we're all healthy enough to go. And that the weather cooperates.

The garden is doing well. Lots of strawberries right now as well as snow and shelling peas. I found a tiny little tomato plant coming up with my beans and realized that it's a survivor from last year. Must not have gotten all of the root system. I may try digging it up and potting it because I believe it's a brandywine.

Madelaine is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on stuff. She has two more teeth coming out on top. The ones that are either side of your front teeth. So she's got a cute gap when she smiles. Her hair is a light brown right now and we're waiting to see whether it will turn darker. She also has those cute little curls that McKenna had and then lost. I've been getting busy with the video feature on the camera. I uploaded some movies to utube of the girls, so for those of you who didn't get a link, it's: You'll see to the right of the screen "more from Sakmeht" and there will be a vid of my garden and some more of the girls.

McKenna has finished with speech therapy for now but the school rated her speech as moderate to severe in a couple of areas so she's been referred to the speech therapist at Snake River elementary, which is where she would be going to kindergarten if we weren't homeschooling. So she'll have a fall class and I'm working with her this summer so hopefully she'll be right as rain coming out of the class.

Noel finished up the porch and also got the swamp cooler installed. He's whipping up an extra 'pantry' for me to hold all of the excess he brings home from Costco and is working on some wiring in his Geo. The fan that drives his AC is shot.

Well, that's about it. McKenna missed going to Christi's birthday party today because of illness, so we'll be getting her gift to her maybe this weekend while we're camping!

Love to all of you.