Sunday, March 02, 2008

Last night was night #2 of an experiment with McKenna and potty training. She does #1 just fine with only an occasional accident, but has only done #2's a few times, both of which occurred right before we left on vacations last year. She hasn't done anything since and I'm hoping to get her jump started by putting her in big girl undies 24 hours a day. I was noticing that she only did her #2's in her pull-ups..... SO,

Night #1 consisted of limiting liquids after 5:30pm, a bedtime pee, and then another pee before Noel and I went to bed. She also woke me up around 2:30am to blow her nose. I sat her on the potty to do so, and she peed! It worked well. She was dry throughout the night and a big celebration ensued!!

Night #2 consisted of the same thing with liquids, a bedtime pee, an 11:30pm pee, which she was still awake for and she slept through the night, coming into our room (dry) to get into our bed with us this morning. I had her pee before doing so, which she did and more celebration and lots of snuggling with mommy and daddy. So far so good... I'm feeling good about this part, since she had been waking up dry in the mornings anyway at times. Limiting liquids really seems to work.

Now, we just have to see about her doing #2's. I'm hoping that by her having underwear on, she won't want to poop in them and will use the potty. We'll see. Her last poo was Friday, so I know she's holding it. I'll let her go another day or two maybe, then see what the doc has to say. I don't want her to get constipated on top of everything else. That would just make sitting on the potty painful as well and scary and new. Ergh, anyway wish us luck with the potty saga!

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