Saturday, March 15, 2008

We just got back from Eagle with 4 70lb bales of wet straw... it'll work well on my garden for a mulch. We got that for free since it was wet otherwise they would have been 2.50 a piece. Then we headed for south Nampa and picked up about 2 yards worth of wood chips. The guy there also had some barn litter from his neighbors horse, which is mostly small chips, straw, urine and a few poos combined. There was a huge pile of the stuff anyway that would work out as a compost. He charged us $10 bucks for the wood chips, which filled up our utility trailer (and was worth paying since he had a top-loader (not sure if that's what it's called) that he used to dig into the pile and dump it into our trailer. No manual labor. Noel especially liked that! lol If we come back for barn litter later, he'll charge the same thing. There is a place in Eagle that has horse manure for free and they will help you load it, but it may be a shoveling operation. But that's okay, when we go for manure, we'll want manure and not the litter... the litter would be for a later mulch, maybe in the fall or something. The manure we'll want to till into the ground, then put down newspaper to discourage weeds and then the straw as a mulch. I'm hoping for great vegetables this season!

While we were getting wood chips McKenna and I petted a nearby horse that the guy called his 'lawnmower' Original, right? LOL She didn't seem very impressed, but he was a friendly straw colored guy. At the place with the straw bales they had cows and chickens and she seemed more interested in the cows.

Anyway, time to start planning dinner, I guess. We've worked up an appetite. Spaghetti for dinner. Yum!

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