Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Yesterday we went to the rec center and McKenna took her first swim. We went into the therapy pool that's about 4 feet deep. There were lots of kids there and three friends came over (pre-teen?) age and took a liking to her. They all took turns holding her. Pretty nice girls. McKenna really liked the one girl and was grinning and grabbing at her face. Noel came, but didn't get in the pool. Sat on the sidelines, and then left after 10 minutes, saying that the chlorine was bothering him. Not much of a swimmer, that one. Ah well, it was for McKenna, and she really liked it. I discovered how much water those diapers can hold (don't worry, I had a pink plastic diaper on over it)and it was an eye-opener! We all went home and took showers. Noel gave her a bath in the toddler tub we have from the Boglios; it was his first time. Previous to that she was still in the kitchen sink and I did most of the baths. Today Noel is at the dentist and I'm just relaxing. Looking forward to all the laundry I have to do later... Yahoo!

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