Saturday, June 18, 2005

I was nursing McKenna in bed this morning and was remembering how I used to hold her little hands to warms them up. No matter how warmly she was dressed when going to bed, her hands were always cold. So by the time she'd finished nursing her little hands would be all toasty again. Now, she's constantly doing something with those hands. Usually, it's grabbing and twisting, which I'm always trying to fend off. And her hands are always warm, now. I've noticed rough patches on her skin, mainly her arms and tops of her shoulders. It reminds me of the exzema (sp?) patches I used to get here and there. I'm keeping an eye on them and I might try smearing on a little diproline creme that the doc gave me to see if it helps. What else? Oh, I was trimming her toe-nails, and I'm thinking that she might eventually have ingrown nails like Noel. The sides of the nail bed are short and wide, and don't look like my toes at all. So far, everythings good. I had a great day with her yesterday. We had a tickle and giggle fest on the floor and I'd schmuckle her belly and neck and she LOVED it!! I could have done that all day. It does wonderful things to my insides to see her laugh and smile. Hmm, oh yes, I've got her in the toddler tub now instead of the sink, which was rapidly shrinking. I've started using shampoo on her head since she's actually growing some hair. I tip her head back and put a washcloth over her eyes to rinse and she's still getting used to that. I get a lot of gasping and leg thrashing, although I'm careful not to get soap in her eyes... I think it's the sensation of the water pouring over her head that she's not too sure of. She hasn't cried or anything, so I think it's just a new thing. Hmm... will write more when I'm more awake. I made myself get up at 6am this morning.
I've been having trouble falling asleep at night, and toss and turn for a couple hours usually. I then thought about the fact that when I worked I would get up at 4:30am and go to bed at 9 or 10pm... and since I've been at home, I get up around 8 or 9am and try to go to sleep by 10, so my body just isn't tired enough to go to sleep, so instead of staying up really late, I'm going to try to make myself into an early bird so I can then go to bed with my husband, which I'm sure he'd appreciate once in awhile. I figured too, that once McKenna gets older, I can get up early and not only take care of some chores, but also get my breakfast eaten and then have McKennas prepped and ready to go when she awakes. Okay, enough for now.

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