Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, a couple of days ago, I managed to get our whole family to the park. We grabbed lunch at Quiznos (a rare treat) and then got some ice cream at Cold Stone and took it to the park. We sat on blankets with McKenna and watched the world go by. McKenna sat and played with some toys we brought. I wandered over and checked out the rose garden they have. Beautiful! Then checked out a local gathering of people, and from what I could hear of the lady on the microphone, it was a family reunion. There was also a nearby waterpark and we stuck McKenna in her stroller and wandered over to check it out. It was cheap compared to Roaring Springs. A buck for kids under 5 and I think it was $2. something for adults over 18yrs. It looked like a pretty good place to come sometime and also be able to save some money! Anyway, we had a good time, and I expect that's where I'll take her especially as she gets older.
Also, the other day I spent some time with Patty. I brought McKenna over and we sat in her craft room and I crocheted while she worked on the WKS clan flag. (A skull with bloody teeth) Questionable taste on the part of the guys, but what can you expect? I haven't seen the finished product yet, but Patty thinks she did a pretty good job, so I'll have to check it out soon. Joey played on the floor with McKenna and they pretty much entertained themselves.
Did some shopping also with Patty. I have discovered dollar stores! Especially, the Dollar Tree. I had no clue that they had so much good stuff there! I'll be getting a few toys from there, as well as probably cards, envelopes, and gift wrapping and storage containers. Thank you Patty!
So, the only other thing to report is that McKenna is doing well with those legs of hers. I can safely sit her down and expect she won't fall over, although I always put something down behind her, and I hauled her up by her hands and we "walked" a few feet across the living room floor. She kept grinning up at me. Then I stood her against the sofa so that she was facing it and hanging onto the cushions. I let her go for a second and she was supporting herself. It didn't last long, and I meant to get a picture, but it will have to be later when she gets up from her nap.
Alright, nuff for now.

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