Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, yesterday McKenna, Noel and I went to Christy's b-day party. Christy turned two and is the daughter of our friends Joe and Patty. I went early to help set up. It was a ladybug party, so most everyone (mainly kids) were wearing wings. Very cute! McKenna sat inside for an hour or so very quietly playing while Patty and I decorated, then after the party started I brought her out after her nap. We had little ladybug wings for her and she wore them without a fuss. I was manning the snow cone machine with Patty, and I set her next to us. After a little crying and comforting, she sat quietly with her fingers in her mouth just looking around at everyone. I was able to get some food and chat w/ another new mom there, then brought her over to where I was sitting. Noel was manning the grill and I passed her to him after awhile. I noticed her in Erica's arms after that, which was fine since I wanted her to get used to new faces and being held by new people. I'd like for her to develop some good social skills. Anyway, that party was great; McKenna had a taste of some frosting from a ladybug cupcake, and seemed to like it. (Noel was the culprit - I probably wouldn't have let her have any) I'm trying to keep her away from sweets for as long as possible, but some of her expressions are priceless when she tastes something sweet and new for the first time! Okay, well, I'll have to get a picture of her in her wings on my webshots page, so check back soon!

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