Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, I met my neighbor across the street yesterday. Her little boy, Samuel, (about 8 or 9 I think) came over and asked if I would like some radishes from their garden. Sure, why not! So over I went while my daughter was napping away and I chatted with Carolyn for awhile. Found out she's LDS... she was interested in getting her son into piano lessons and was over at a girls house, who is charging $7/hr - evidently the parents are really intolerant of other religions, (their fundamental Christians, I think) so she felt uncomfortable and unwelcome - so she asked if I would like to teach Sam. I've never taught, so I told her Sam would be my guinea pig, but I'd give it a try. So, we talked about her garden, which is huge! and we also discussed home-schooling, which she does with her two kids. Said it was hard work, but worth it. I admitted that I'd thought of it, especially after finding out that we're in a school district that happens to have the lowest test scores in the county. She told me they have great support groups and the materials are very straight forward and easy to teach, but I guess I just need to research it and try to come to an informed decision.

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