Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Well, yesterday my friend Patty and I went shopping. She had a day off so we took advantage and hit some thrift shops, and can I just say what deals you can find? I found an old Readers Digest Piano book (music from like the 40's through the 70's) I think. I have a few others in the series, I guess you could say. Also I picked up a few shirts that I found that looked very nice! Everything was less than $9. And all of the baby clothes there! We went through some looking for stuff for Patty's boy Joey, and there were some really nice things there. We hit the Mongolian BBQ and a movie. Saw Big Fish. I thought it was a fun movie, if a little strange.

Anyway, on to baby stuff. Ever since feeling the baby kick, it seems like I'm feeling it all the time. I've gone through my wardrobe and have pulled out stuff that I haven't worn in a while that still fits (mainly dresses). I also have a nice one that I picked up in Quartzsite, Arizona when Noel and I went out for a day to visit his dad.

This last week I've had a couple of dizzy spells. One while I was coming off of the highway (don't worry, I didn't crash!) and the other while Patty and I were in a craft store yesterday. I had to sit down for awhile. No fainting yet, though. Other than that, everythings pretty A-okay. I'm a little sore in some areas that I'll have to ask the doc about, but that just might be from added pressure of the baby and possibly the widening of hips? But, the next appointment is this coming Tuesday so we'll do the ultrasound and I'll ask the doc about continuing to work nights...we'll see what he says. Noel and I are doing pretty well on saving up some money... mainly most of my paycheck every couple of weeks. That'll help us out greatly once we go to one paycheck. I'm thinking of trying to stay on and work part-time for awhile after the baby is born if I can get a fixed shift, but I'm still looking at that. Nothing definite yet.

Well, that's it for now.

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