Monday, May 10, 2004

So we're back from the doctor and we know the sex of the baby. However, I can't tell you yet. And the reason why is because I need to tell my parents over the phone and I had to leave a message. So, I'm waiting for a call back and once I get that call I'll let you all know the sex.
So, what I can tell you is that the doctor kept saying the baby looks to be in excellent health. He examined everything. The spine looks nice and strong as well as the heart, and the brain and all of its lobes looks great. There's no sign of Downs or Spina Bifida, so we're very happy with that. It was incredible watching it, and the little bugger wouldn't stay still. The doc would hold still and you'd see baby doing the jig on the screen. Quite funny indeed and VERY exciting!! He/she weighs 10 ounces according to the doctor. Noel forgot to bring the camcorder with him so we don't have video, but we do have 3 photos, one of the head (with the child looking very alien-like), one of the head and spine, and one of the butt and legs (looking up from underneath) so you can see the sex. Okay, we're going to scan in the pictures, so if anyone wants pics please email me. I've forgotten exactly who I've sent out my blog link to, so I don't want to offend anyone by forgetting. You can send pic requests to the email address of (not my main email, so don't send ordinary messages there). Okay, well that's it for now! We'll be trying to come up with names now, so don't worry... we will get him/her a good one! :)

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