Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So all day today I spent shopping and packing and preparing food for our camping trip. We're going up north of Idaho City to Ten Mile campground with Patty and Joe and their kids. Boy, I really didn't think about how much working all day takes out of you. I'm slow to begin with and all the bending over and lifting of kids and packing stuff has really worn me out. My whole pelvic area feels brittle and ready to snap but I know it's because the boy-o's head is really low and almost engaged. It's just exhausting and we haven't even left yet. I think I'll let Noel do a bunch of lunch/dinner prep while we're up camping. The kids seem excited to go. It's supposed to rain one of the days we're up there and we're staying for three days. It should be fun.

Enough for now. I've got the TV babysitting the kiddos so I'm off to surf for awhile.

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