Saturday, June 26, 2004

Well, we're signing on the dotted line on the 30th... it's coming up quick. I managed to get that day off from work, so at least I can help move! It should be interesting...we've got lots of stuff already packed and we have movers coming to help with the large stuff. The only thing I'm worried about is sleep deprivation during this whole thing. I'm on nights this weekend and have to be bright-eyed and awake by 8am wednesday because that's when we sign. Then we move the whole day. I work the next day (night shift) but at least by that time I'll have a bed set up in the new house to take a nap in. The baby is growing more and more each day, it seems like. She already seems to have her nap times figured out. Like right now she's really quiet. Haven't felt a kick in awhile. My belly button is finally sticking out now, and I've got that faint vertical line that runs down the middle of my tummy starting to show. My abdominal muscles look strange now when I use them... popping out in a ridge-like way. Freaked me out the first time, because I was half leaning back in the sofa and was lifting my upper body to get up. The muscles just kind of popped up in this weird way... at first I thought it was the baby, but my mother reassured me. Anyway, she's really active and I can feel her head usually, especially when she's moving a lot. I was pressing in on my lower tummy the other day (not hard, don't worry) and I felt something move inside. I realized that I had shifted something. At first, when I didn't feel her move for awhile I was having these dread thoughts that I had broken her neck or some other horrific thing like that, but when she started moving with gusto, I quickly put those thoughts aside. So, I've made some "discoveries" along the way, and it's all cool. My pregnancy is going so well, I'm just hoping to get through this next weekend and get moved in quickly.

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