Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, McKenna and Madelaine had a sleepover last night at Jasmines house. They had a good time. Mia, who lives two doors down, also spent the night. When I went over to pick the girls up she told me that her mom said she could have everyone for a sleepover at her house. I smiled, but didn't say anything - because, it ain't gonna happen! At least my kids won't be there. Mia's mother confessed to Inna (mother of Jasmine) that her husband had pushed her whilst they were arguing and she fell and broke her wrist. So no way am I letting my child spend the night at an abusers house. He's also been in jail and his father also, who likes to hang out over there all the time. I know McKenna will ask why she can't spend the night. I'm planning to tell her that I don't know Mia's parents well enough (I don't) but I know that won't satisfy her for long. After all, why can't I just go over and get to know them, right? And I'll tell McKenna that of course Mia can always come to our house for a sleepover. I'm wondering at what age I can feel safe to tell McKenna why she can't go over there. I'm expecting once she has the restraint not to blab to Mia about her dad being an abusive meanie (which I suspect Mia already knows). Inna says Mia comes over sometimes and sits looking shell-shocked for awhile before she starts playing with the others. So, I'll be the parent that says "because that's my decision" for awhile. Oh well, gotta keep them safe, right?

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