Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been awhile, so here's what's happening - McKenna is sprouting up and going through a growth spurt. She's very responsible and a vivacious charmer and social butterfly. We're having her teeth looked at. Did an x-ray at the orthodontist and she is missing her lateral incisors on the top, which means her canines will come down next to her two front teeth. The doc went over some options that we'll talk more about as she gets older. She is loving co-op, and is a great friend to her neighbors down the street. They get together all the time. Madelaine is also sprouting up and has lovely wavy hair. She's a very considerate and nuturing soul, as she's always bringing someone a blanket to help keep them warm, or offering them a pillow behind their back. Her smile lights up the room and she loves getting tickles from Daddy. I'm seeing a new maturity to her face and that future inner young woman sometimes peeks out at me at surprising moments. Eli, with his cherubs grin, will come and sit in your lap and give lots of hugs and snuggles. His little giggle is infectious and he can't help but brighten up your day if you're feeling a little down. Right now we are potty training him and he is doing fairly well. We've had a few accidents, but he's willing to sit on the potty to try and we're very proud of him. He loves playing with his sisters, but can be the instigator of fights. The rascal! Mommy is learning to de-stress using meditation during morning or evening "mom" time, and floats in the isolation tanks at Drop of Calm. She's also getting a bit more organized with her homeschooling as the girls are doing very well right now. She's been taking yoga classes and has also been going to bunco games every month. Getting out and meeting some new neighbors was also an accomplished goal this month. She's also working on coddling the youngest a little less as he's getting a tad spoiled. Yea, Mommy! Daddy has been busy at work and also working on his customers computers, but he always finds time to play, tickle and tease his kids every night after work. They pile on top of him like puppies and the squeals of delight will bring a grin to your face. He's a supportive husband and a loving father and is working on reining in that temper of his - and doing a marvelous job so far. The kids and wife like to snuggle with him at night sometimes in front of the TV. Daddy will be going on a float with his wife coming up in a couple of weeks. We'll be relaxing together..... Family life has it's ups and downs, and there are always personal goals that we are working on, but overall we are blessed. Cooperation and communication are two items that we are working on applying better to our lives right now. Our newly established family meetings once a month should help us support and appreciate each other on a whole new level, as well.

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