Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, life is pretty good! It's summer and I've got irises blooming in the front yard, and even though our lawn looks like shit (yes, folks, it's THAT bad) I'm pretty happy. The garden has been rototilled and I'm going to be on Noel to get the compost and fertilizer in this next week on his days off. Then I can get my plants into the groud. They are still in my terrarium and the bean plants already have beans on them!!

We decided to purchase some life insurance for all of us, since Noel and McKenna have none and I only have $40K which would not cut it if I died and Noel needed to pay for day care, etc... so we purchased some for all of us. McKennas is about $34. a month and has the option for her to be able to draw out of it for college if she wants, but if she doesn't it will just continue to grow for her until she dies. I was already putting $50. a month into an extra savings for her for college, but this way I can add the difference and she'll get a much better interest rate on it. So that was an expense, but we recently purchased a Geo Metro for $300. which will save us about $40./month in gas (at least) and we also recently switched to cloth diapers for McKenna which will save us another $20. a month. I've also been keeping the grocery budget under $250. a month, plus I'm bringing in more money from a new piano student. And to top it all off, Noel just got a $1.86 raise! (Actually, the piano money is my money, so it doesn't really go towards the household stuff unless we REALLY need it!)So, we're in pretty nice shape right now, and I feel like quite a load has been lifted off. Even though our gas prices are supposed to be the lowest up here (at 2.78/gallon) it was still a concern!

So on to other stuff, McKenna is sleeping and I've just today been feeling better, having had a cold for the last few days. I've got tons of housework to catch up on, so LATER!!! :)

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