Saturday, April 29, 2006

Good morning! Well, my daughter has lots of teeth! She has the 6 in front (4 on top, 2 bottom) Well, she sprouted a molar on her lower left a few weeks ago (that was fun) and in the space it skipped one of her canines is coming up. She also has the same molar and canine coming in on the other side, as well as has two molars broken through in the back on each side of the top of her mouth. We've been going through OralB gel and teething tablets like they were candy almost! Seriously, she's been cranky and getting me up in the evening. Actually the last two days have been better. She slept through, thank God! It's also getting warmer in the house during the day. It got up to 77 degrees so she went to bed in her light weight PJ's that her daddy bought her. I usually let it get pretty warm in the house during the summer... once it starts pushing 85 I've had it. She's been going around in a diaper already during the day sometimes.
We're getting more into the dropping/throwing food stage and I make her pick it up after she's done eating. She thinks it's fun. (Picking it up - but I do discourage her from throwing food in the first place) I'll also give her a napkin and she'll wipe up her spills for me. She gets BIG PRAISE! I love this helpful stage she's in... I hope it lasts!
She's really good on the stairs now, both going up and down. If I forget to put up the baby gate, she can be up those stairs in under 20 seconds! If I see her starting up I'll say "McKenna, get back down here" in a stern voice and she'll giggle and start going up faster. I'll snatch her off the stairs and put her down and get the gate up and she thinks it's fun. I haven't started disciplining her for it since it's my fault I didn't have the gate up, so I just make sure to have the gate up and then when she's climbing be there to supervise.
She's such a joy and now I can't wait to get pregnant with the next one. I'm charting my cycles so we're trying to time things for conception, and last month was a disappointment... I'm in the middle of this month and hope we get lucky this time around. So, we'll see. I want to do some camping this year, with some friends of ours or just on our own, depending on what happens. I think McKenna's old enough that she could probably do okay.

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