Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First post since McKenna was born... eventually I'll tell my birth story, but now's not the time. She was born one day beyond my due date, on the 3rd of October at 8:10am in the morning. She was born via C-section due to complications.

I'm going to stay at home full time, but for now I'm working part-time at Idaho Power... by the 22nd of February I'll be vested in the pension plan (5 years of service) and I wanted to get that before I quit. I'm really looking forward to being a full-time homemaker. And McKenna is quite the incentive. For pics of her go to and check her out. Right now she's almost able to get onto her side from her back by arching her back a bit. She's smiling and I coaxed a little laugh out of her on the 26th of December... her first one! Well, I hear her crying, and it's time to feed her, so gotta go. I'll be writing again soon!

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