Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So, as you can see from my blog, I've started writing articles. Constant Content brings together writers and clients and has strict editing standards, if fact, you have to do your own editing; if they see a mistake they immediately send it back to you to fix. I can submit articles on pretty much any subject, and then when I'm more confident I can submit articles to public and private requests. The average selling price ranges from $20 to $80, although there are articles that sell for lower and a lot higher. Constant Content takes a 35 percent cut, but considering that you can make much more money on your article there (unlike $2 at other places), it's worth it, in my opinion. Another reason you can make so much is because of the tough editing standards. You really have to know your punctuation and grammar inside and out. I've found it helpful to review on Purdue's website. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how prolific I end up being. There's no lack of subjects for me to write about. Parenting, power company info, and natural birth have been a few of my subjects covered so far. I really can't wait to write more. I find that the best time is when kids are asleep, either in morning or evening. I've also found success during the day if I send them up for a bath. Once I have my thoughts organized and the article researched (and especially if I know the subject matter well) I can whip up an article in about 30 minutes. So, in other news. Noel had his vasectomy. Recovery was a little rough, but he's better now. According to the doctor at his most recent check, he still has a few swimmers. He also went hunting with a co-worker but didn't get any elk. He had a chance and shot, but missed. Came back to the camp and found that his gun sight had gotten knocked out of alignment. He tried again on another trip but only saw females. So, no venison this year, and I was really looking forward to it! I am getting Lasik on the 29th of this month. I'm really excited and even though I know recovery will be rough, I can't wait! I'm supposed to be able to drive for a follow-up appointment the day following, so we'll see. On another note, my chickens are molting. I opened up the coop and it looked like someone had been murdered, sans the blood and body. Feathers were everywhere! Casey is my easter egger and she has fluffy neck feathers that have been coming out, seemingly overnight, LOL! I've seen another chicken sitting by her and plucking out loose feathers, too. So far, no bald spots, but it's been getting cold and I've found her sitting in the coop at times probably trying to stay out of the wind. A few days ago, she was acting ill, just staying by herself and fluffing herself up and walking slowly. She just must have been uncomfortable because she's acting her normal self now. Enough for now. I need to get school started. :)

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