Sunday, March 06, 2011

So, what's new in our life? Hmm... just sold our sofa set. I wanted something easier to clean and more durable, so we found a leather sofa on Craigslist for cheap. It's in nice shape, too!

Noel's getting his hunting license and is taking tests and will take another field test in a few weeks. I expect him to come home with an elk or moose his first time out! LOL I'm hoping whoever he teams up with will have some good experience and can help him get something. He just needs a hunting outfit and some other accessories.

We're looking into getting Lasik eye surgery for me. We're hoping for something under $4000. as we have plans for the rest of our tax return. We want to spruce up our backyard. Get the side yard graveled and expand the garden area. I want to have raised beds so I can put in blueberries and move my raspberries to a better bed. I've already started seeds indoors. Broccoli, tomatoes and swiss chard. Also have some marigolds coming up. That should be fun as I've never started annuals before.

We're also looking into getting concealed carry permits for our weapons. Here in Idaho we have "open carry" which means we can wear a gun in a holster on our hip right out there for everyone to see, but honestly peoples reactions would be a bit of a bother so getting the concealed permit would work out better, I believe.

McKenna's doing great with her school. She's doing better with reading everyday and her printing and copy work is improving. We're looking at doing piano lessons and we'll be getting together with a couple other homeschooling families and doing a trip to the Birds of Prey Center in Boise. They have a tour and show and tell with a peregrine falcon and a scavenger hunt, too. It sounds like it'll be a blast for them.

Noel and I are also stocking up on food, water, water purifiers, seeds and other necessities in case our dear dollar dies. Dear ole "Dad" at the federal reserve doesn't have a clue. I won't get started. Needless to say, we're investing in silver, commodities and oil for starters.

Eli calls, so that's it for now.

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